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Strapped In
Mike Feltenberger



It has been 5 years now and Strapped In still remains one of racing's most collectible magazines.This issue continues the tradition with 40 pages of present and past photos showcasing some of racing's finer moments and drivers.Among some of the recent action in this issue are highlights from Dover,Super Dirt Week,World 100,Eastern States 200 and a hodge-podge of 2007 racing action.Who's Behind the Wheel might be one of the most challenging ever.A visit to Talladega found racing at the Talladega Short Track and a trip to the Racing Museum a must see event.Drivers with the last name beginning with "I" are part of the "I" Wanna Race section.More than 60 photos from the past are part of the Thanks for the Memories contents.Among some of the stars seen in this issue are Jimmie Johnson.Jeffrey Earnhardt,Pat Ward,Shawn Reimert,Steve Francis,Joey Saldana,Rich Tobias,Kenny Brightbill,Billy VanInwegen,Jr.,Robert Stutts,Frank Cozze / Rusty Smith OCFS accident,Jeff Heotzler,Kenny Irwin,Gary Iulg,Bobby Isaac,Keith Kauffman,Billy Pauch,Doug Hoffman,Stevie Smith,Red Farmer,Kenny Tremont,Scott Sharp,Tom Mayberry,Mark Kenyon,Johnny Mackison,Jr.,Roy Olinger,Al Unser,Jr.,Junior Mikosz,Johnny Leach,Jean Guy Chartrand,Van May,Jan Opperman,Russ Smith,JD McDuffie and Don Kreitz,Sr.
See these stars and many more from the front cover photo of the late Smokey Warren to the back cover photo of Tim Richmond at Richmond in 1981,there is a memory for everyone.Contributing to this issue are Bob Eppihimer,Walt Wimer,LKG Photo,Bob Zellers,Don Rohrbach,Terry Shaub,Tom Shannon,Carl Hess and Mike Feltenberger.
Strapped In can be purchased for $ 7.00 at the following locations:
Kiddie Kar Collectibles:12th & Perry Sts. Reading,PA
Brickel's Racing Collectibles: Rt 61 Leesport,PA
MaryAnn's Antiques & Collectibles: Reading Fairgrounds Farmer's Market
Tom Hiester's HO Raceway: Old Lancaster Ave Shillington,PA
Christman's Meats: Rt. 73 Oley,PA
Skelly's Racing Novelties: Lincoln & WIlliams Grove Speedways
Young's General Store: Rt 73 Blandon,PA
EMMR: Latimore Valley Fairgrounds
RFRHS: Traveling Museum
Speedway Entertainment:11 W.Washington Ave Myerstown,PA
or by sending a check or money order for $8.75 to :
Mike Feltenberger
1169 Mulberry St.
Reading,PA 19604
PayPal is also accepted at
We are currently looking for a sales outlet in the Morgantown / Honey Brook area as well as vendor possibilities nationwide.
Mike Feltenberger
Publisher / Editor : Strapped In Magazine
Slingshot by Tobias Event Organizer
Host of BCTV's Strapped In TV Show

Racing photographer



The newest issue of Strapped In has just been received from the printer and it is another 40 page photo only classic. From the front cover photo of the yellow # 88 coupe driven by Ed Holland to the back cover photo tribute to Johnny Blewett III, there are photo memories past and present for every race fan. Coverage of special race events including the IRL/USAC weekend at RIR, the Pennsylvania 500 at Pocono, the R&R 400 at Richmond along with the Coalcracker 100 and Freedom 76 plus oldies photos galore will be a part of your racing library for years to come. Special sections devoted to drivers who's last name begin with H, NASCAR in the 90's,Triple Digits and Action Aplenty make this issue another keepsake.
Among the drivers depicted in this issue are: Danica Patrick, Dario Franchitti, Wayne Reutimann, Jr., Dale, Jr. Michael Waltrip, Ryan Watt, Don Kreitz, Jr., Keith Brightbill, David Reutimann, Top 12 Chase Drivers, Jackie Hamilton, Dr. Tom Houser, Butch Hinnershitz, Scott Haus, Johnny Harroll, Bob Hauer, Jimmy Means, Terry Labonte, Jeff Strunk, Billy Pauch, Jay Stong, Bob Pickell, Sammy Beavers, Fred Orchard, Fred Rahmer, Chad Little, Chub Frank, Mike McLaughlin, Charley Gilmore, Whitey Kerschner, Steve Chassey, Danny Hager, Rich Tobias, Barry Camp, Russ Smith, Roger Laureno, Al Loquasto, Earl Derr, 1977 Syracuse Top 6 and Al Tasnady. These are among the over 100 photos, some never before seen. With a cover price of $ 7.00 it is worth the price of a few pictures alone.
Visit for more details or contact Mike Feltenberger at

Strapped In can be purchased at these locations:
Brickel's Racing Collectibles:  Rt 61 Leesport, PA
Kiddie Kar Kollectibles:  12th & Perry Sts. Reading, PA
Hiesters HO Raceway:  Old Lancaster Ave., Shillington, PA
South Mountain Framing:  Penn Ave. Wernersville, PA
MaryAnn's Antiques & Collectibles:  Reading Fairgrounds Farmers Market
Young's General Store:  Rt 73 Blandon, PA
EMMR:  Latimore Valley
Barry Skelly Racing Novelties:  Wms.Grove & Lincoln Speedways
or by contacting the Strapped In office:
Mike Feltenberger
1169 Mulberry St.
Reading, PA 19604
FAX, 717-866-7402


Issue 17 of Strapped In has just been released and early response is very favorable. From the Kramer Williamson Pink Panther # 73 sprint car to the Kenny Brightbill # 84 Winston Cup ride at Dover, Issue 17 is another racing photo extravaganza. Among some of the sections in this issue are 2006 NASCAR Scenes from Richmond, Dover, Pocono and Darlington. Classic Coupes, Oldies Aplenty, Battle on the Boardwalk, Kenny Brightbill Spotlight, "F"ascinating Fliers (drivers with the last name starting with F), Timeline:1980, Ice Breaker 30 at Lincoln, Wimer's Tribute Photos and the popular Who's Behind the Wheel. Some of the drivers shown in this issue are Don Kreitz,Sr., Lance Dewease, Dale, Jr, Erin Crocker, Kasey Kahne, Glenn & Paul Fitzcharles, Elvin Felty, Jack Follweiler, Ed Farley, J.D. McDuffie, Ken Johnson, Buzzie Reutimann, Freddy Adam, Al Tasnady, Phil Gemenden, Harry Moore, Sammy Beavers, Lou Lazzaro, Danny Mitchell, Bobby Santos, Ron Eperthner, Kenny Brightbill, Al Hamilton Team Cars, Ronnie Leinbach, Dub May, Ricky Rudd from 1977, Butch Jelley, Paul Lotier, Ray Tilley, Paul Radford, Dave Kelly, John Willman, Dorney Park Banquet Photo from 1957 (Adam, Ely & Mutter), Ed Flemke, Bobby Blatt, Bobby Wilkins, Sonny Horner and Les Katona.
Great photography from Bob Zellers, King Photo, Kirsch Photo, Terry Shaub, Mike Feltenberger, Don Rohrbach, LKG Photo, Bob Eppihimer, Walt Wimer and more.
Over 120 photos, many never seen in any publication.
Sales outlets are always being sought after. Race tracks, newstands, Hobby Shops can all contact Strapped In for sales info.
Current sales outlets:
Hiester's HO Raceway:  Old Lancaster Ave. Shillington, PA
Kiddie Kar Kollectibles:  Perry St. Reading,PA
Mary Ann's Antiques & Collectibles:  Reading Fair Farmer's Market
Brickel's Racing Collectibles:  Leesport,PA
South Mountain Framing:  Wernersville,PA
Young's General Store Rt 73 Blandon, PA
Skelly's Racing Novelties:  Lincoln and Williams Grove Speedways
or by mail by sending $8.75 S/H to:
Mike Feltenberger
1169 Mulberry St.
Reading, PA 19604
or visit for more details or online ordering.


Strapped In has ended another year of publication with another 40 page photo extravaganza. From the front cover photo of Danny Johnson tearing up the Syracuse Mile to John Force rumbling the Maple Grove 1/4 mile on the back cover, there is something for everyone in this the 16th issue of Strapped In. With great recent area photography from Don Rohrbach, Mike Feltenberger and LKG Photos to archived photos by Bob Snyder, Bob Zellers, Terry Shaub, King Photos, Bob Perran, Bill Hess, Dave Lukowski, Dale Eck, Walt Wimer, Ted VanPelt and Scott Bender the tracks covered and subjects used are all eye catching and tell a story with photos.

Special tracks and races covered in Issue 16 are Super Dirt Week 35,Dover Int. Speedway, Maple Grove Dragway, the Slingshot Nationals and a trip to the Talladega Racing Museum is also spotlighted in this issue. A few photos of drivers who's last name begins with E is part of the Never That "E"asy section. Memory Makers and Before the Green Flag show a different side of racing from candid photos to racing in the 50's and 60's.Walt Wimer's lensmanship is very striking in his 6 photo pictorial of some very prominent drivers of the "Golden Age". Area Action and 2006 Scenes has some intense racing action from tracks such as Williams Grove, SSP, Shellhammer's, Bridgeport, Mahoning, Richmond, Kutztown, Grandview, Big Diamond, Oswego and Lincoln.

Some of the driver photos found in Strapped In's 16th issue are Don Kreitz, Jr., Matt Kenseth, Brad Brightbill, Doug Manmiller, Brian Monteith, Jackie Evans, Dale Earnhardt, Rich Eichelberger, Bob Eppihimer, Lou Blaney, Jimmie Johnson, Kenny Brightbill, Barry & Craig VonDohren, Dale Creyer, Kasey Kahne, Jessica Zemken, Bobby Malzahn, Mario Andretti, Elliott Sadler, JR Todd, 2006 Slingshot National Champion Nick Pecko, Mike McLaughlin, Kenny Weld, Ronnie Tobias, Neil Bonnett, Tiny Lund, Al Grinnan, Bill Tanner, Ted Wise, Gary Butler, John Draucker, Gary Hieber, Jan Opperman, Richie Evans, Steve Chassey, Bill Stief, Frankie Schneider, Ed Holland and Joe Hall. A few more surprises can be found in the over 115 photos used.

In addition to being on sale at Motorsports 2007 in Atlantic City you can find Strapped In at the following sales outlets:
Tom Hiester's HO Raceway: Old Lancaster Ave. Shillington
Kiddie Kar Kollectibles:12th & Perry Sts. Reading
South Mountain Framing: Penn Ave Wernersville
Brickel's Racing Collectibles: Rt 61 Leesport
MaryAnn's Antiques and Collectibles: Reading Fairgrounds Farmer's Market
Young's General Store: Rt 73 Blandon
Barry Skelly's Novelties: Williams Grove and Lincoln Speedways

Strapped In can be contacted by US Mail at :
1169 Mulberry
Reading, PA 19604
or by email at

Cover price remains at $ 7.00


The 15th installment of the popular Strapped In Racing Magazine has just come hot off the presses. With over 120 photos from many forms of auto racing, this photo only magazine has something for everyone. From the front cover shot of Fred Rahmer driving the 357 SBM at Syracuse to the back cover photo of the Ford Focus Midgets of Ryan Smith and Nick Wean racing at Oswego, this issue continues the long standing commitment to racing fans old and young alike.
Featured in this issue is photo pictorials from races held at Richmond, Pocono, Big Diamond, Grandview, Oswego, Black Rock, Linda's, Kutztown, Mahoning Valley, Accord and the Reading Fairgrounds.
Photo spotlight is on "Fast "Freddy Rahmer who has thrilled racing fans in many open wheel divisions and has over 400 career wins in his outstanding career.
"D"manding Attention puts the drivers with a last name starting with D in the headlines. Drivers such as DeGroot, Delp, Derr, Deskovick, Dengler, Dulgarian, Davis and Dean get some photo exposure.
Outside the Cockpit lets the racing fan see what the person under the helmet looks like. Photos of the Busch Bros., Jay Drake, Dan Wheldon, Danny Lasoski, Martin Truex, Steve Kinser, Larry Solomon, Ryan Newman, Bud Kaeding and Rich Tobias, Jr. make up this special section of the magazine.
Taking a Short Look Back is just what it says with archived photos of drivers such as Ray Neary, Dan Avery, Matt Sheppard, Bruce Williams, Bobby Allen, Gary Densham, Tom Mayberry, Keith Prutzman, Paul Balogach, Jim Keppley, Tony Hirschman and a few more.
The Who's Behind the Wheel has some stumpers for the race fan who thinks they can identify every car with every driver.
Ramblin' Around is what the die-hard race does during racing season and this section will not let anyone down. Tommy Corellis at Lebanon Valley, Warren Mutter at Reading, Rick Eckert in an Atlantic City Indoor Midget, Harold Wike at Penn National, PJ Chesson making an Outlaw stop at Grandview, Chuck Akulis at 5 Mile Point, The Erbs duelling at Grandview, Al Maloy at Jennerstown, Johnny Crawford at Evergreen in the late 50's,Tighe Scott at OCFS, a nice full page photo of retiring NASCAR and ARCA ace James Hylton and rounding out the 40 pages is Chip Slocum at East Windsor and Jack Johnson claiming his first Mr. Dirt title in the mid 70's.
All this for a $7.00 cover price. Photos some never before made public from such great lensman as Bill Hess, Bob Zellers, Terry Shaub, Dave Lukowski, Bob Snyder, Don Rohrbach, Mike Feltenberger, CHESS Photo, LKG Photos.
$7.00 and $1.75 for S/H will get a copy of Strapped In to you unless you visit the vendors in your area.
Brickel's Racing Collectibles:  Rt 61 Leesport
Hiester's HO Raceway:  Old Lancaster Ave. Shillington
Kiddie Kar Kollectibles:  12th & Perry Sts. Reading
Young's General Store:  Rt 73 Blandon
MaryAnn's Antiques & Collectibles:  Reading Fairgrounds Farmer's Market
Reading Fairgrounds Racing Historical Society:  Traveling Museum
South Mountain Custom Framing:  Penn Ave. Wernersville
Currently working on establishing a sales outlet at the News Stand in Flemington.
Mail ordered magazines can be purchased by sending a check or money order for $ 8.75 to:
Mike Feltenberger
1169 Mulberry St.
Reading,PA. 19604
You can find older issues at
Thank you for your continued support. Next issue slated for a Dec. 30th release.


In what some racing magazine collector's say is a "dream come true", Strapped In continues with it's 40 page photo only format and has produced what some say is the best issue since the "Coupes and Coaches" issue. The June 2006 Strapped In, with the help of some of auto racing's best lensmen and fans donating personal collection photos to be a part of this publication, looks to be a fan favorite. From the opening photos from NASCAR stops at Richmond, Darlington, Pocono and Dover to photos of Gary Balough, Jan Opperman, Billy Pauch, Bobby Abel and Dick Tobias there is something for every race fan. Modifieds, sprints, late models, Slingshots, candids, action and single car shots make for a stroll down memory lane. The NASCAR coverage is showcased with Around the Area, Gerald Chamberlain Spotlight, "C" ing is Believing, Outlaws:  Past and Present, Memory Makers and Before Y2K. Other driver photos include Will Cagle, Darryl Carman, C.D.Coville, Steve Kinser, The Statewide Modified Team, Ron Tobias in the Bill Hewlett 901, Eddie Bellinger, Maynard Troyer, Richie Smith in the 555 Falcon, Joe Leonard aboard a motorcycle, Don Kreitz, Jr. and T.J. Shutts at Lincoln, Carl Van Horn, Duane Howard and Craig VonDohren at Big Diamond, Paul Koch, the famous Frank Klemm fire at Flemington. A special look at NASH bodied modifieds courtesy of Walt Wimer is fun to look at. Something for everyone and what would Strapped In be without the fun to play "Who's Behind the Wheel" section. Cover photography by Mike Feltenberger has Gerald Chamberlain in the Bullock Pinto on the front cover and micro sprint standout Brett Arndt mashing the gas at Kutztown. New ads appear in this issue please support Keystone Microsprints, Rife Racing Collectibles and BTM. Don't be left out, order now or pick up a copy from the following vendors:
Brickel's Racing Collectibles/Rt 61 Leesport,PA
Kiddie Kar Kollectibles/12th and Perry Sts. Reading,PA
Hiester's HO Speedway/Old Lancaster Ave. Shillington,PA
MaryAnn's Antiques and Collectibles/ Reading Fairgrounds Farmer's Market
Young's General Store/Rt 73 Blandon,PA
Skelly's Novelties/Lincoln and Williams Grove Speedways
Budihas Novelties/Big Diamond Raceway
SSP Novelties/Susquehanna Speedway Park
Speedway Entertainment /Myerstown,PA
RFRHS/All Reading Fairgrounds Racing Historical Society Functions
EMMR/Latimore Valley
Mail order magazine sales ($ 7.00 + $ 1.75 S/H) can be directed to:
Mike Feltenberger
1169 Mulberry St.
Reading,PA 19604
Strapped In will soon be on the internet with special thanks to Blake Tobias at BTM and Larry Morales for getting the final pieces to fit for

Hot off the press is the 1st Strapped In issue for 2006. The front cover features the Briggs & Stratton Slingshot by Tobias racers of Jesse Hartman and Earlene Bosga taken by Mike Feltenberger at Atlantic City. Among the photo highlights in this issue are the Atlantic City Gambler's Classic, Central PA Action, Reading Racing Reunion, Beginning with B, From the Fans, the ever popular "Who's Behind the Wheel", NASCAR:  Here and There and the rest as they say is all oldies. Photos of drivers such as "Liquid "Lou Cicconi, Ryan Smith, Lance Dewease, Don Kreitz, Jr., the original 1978 Pinto of Kenny Brightbill share the first 5 pages. Continuing on are photos of such stars and cars as Parker Bohn, Johnny Botz, Lynn Weibley, Eddie Dee, Vince Pantuso, Jim Keppley, Gil Hearne and Goober Scheidel. Photos from Darlington, Pocono, Dover, Richmond, Nazareth, Daytona include Jeff Gordon in the Baby Ruth #1, Davey Allison, Bobby Allison, JJ Yeley, Rick Mast and Dale Earnhardt Sr.
The second half of the magazine features such talent as Russ Smith, Matt Neely, Wilbur Force, Bobby Hauer, Jimmy Bagley, Dick Tobias, Lou Blaney, Jerry Nadeau, Lou Lazzaro, Craig VonDohren, Randy Smith, Bobby Allen, Dan Wheldon, Leroy Amy, C.D.Coville, a nice WoO pack photo by Ted Van Pelt and to close the oldies section, Del George and Joe Kelly. Putting the finishing touches on this new issue is a tight racing shot of then teammates Michael Waltrip and Dale Earnhardt Jr. at Richmond by LKG.
Sales outlets can be found at:
Kiddie Kar Kollectibles:  Perry St.Reading
MaryAnn's Antiques and Collectibles:  Reading Fairgrounds Farmer's Markets
Young's General Store:  Rt 73 Blandon
Brickel's Racing Collectibles:  Rt 61 Leesport
Skelly's Raceway Novelties:  Williams Grove and Lincoln Speedways
Hiester's HO Raceway:  Shillington
South Mountain Custom Framing:  East Penn Ave.Wernersville,Pa
Also available from:
Mike Feltenberger
1169 Mulberry St.
Reading, PA 19604
Cover price is $7.00.Add $1.75 for S/H if needed to be mailed.

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Well it's hard to believe that 11 issues of Strapped In magazine have come and gone. Issue #12 will be hitting the printing presses on Dec 27th. Without any interuptions or delays due to weather, it will be ready for an early January 2006 release. The 40 page photo only auto racing magazine will not disappoint any past readers or collectors.
Opening up this issue is two great action and candid pages from the "Monster Mile", Dover Int. Spwy. Photos by Mike Feltenberger and LKG capture much of the spirited competition and driver profiles from the 1 mile oval. Super Dirt Week follows with a nice car and driver shot of Rich Tobias who wowed the crowd with his gutsy passing in the turns. Hagerstown's Octoberfest once again proves day racing can have some action as seen in these photos. 2005 Leftovers has a fantastic shot of 2005 Nextel Cup Champ Tony Stewart hoisting the trophy at Homestead taken by Ted Seminara. Photos from Grandview, Brewerton, Williams Grove, Darlington, Bridgeport, Pocono, Silver Spring and OCFS round out the quick photo highlights.
"Starting With A" is just that and among some driver photos used were Freddy Adam, Bobby Allen, Bobby Allison, Larry Acker, Bobby Abel and John Andretti at Richmond to name a few. "Flying Females" showcases some of the lady drivers making a name now or have in the past. Some female drivers are Kari Gasser, Sheila Rankin, Chandra Reiz, Candy Eckert and Jessica Zemken. Famous Faces is next in line with driver shots of Terry Meitzler, Wayne Reutimann, Jr., Josh Wise, Frank Kimmel and Budd Olsen. The ever popular Who's Behind the Wheel will surely put your driver recognition skills to the test. Pedal Down features some great open wheel photography from Larry Kellogg and Don Rohrbach featuring Brandon Petty, JJ Yeley, Eddie Marshall and Tony Schumacher to name a few. A fun section to page through will be the Pinto's, Gremlin's, Vega's, Etc.. Featured drivers in there are Freddy Brightbill, Dave Kneisel, Ronnie Leinbach, Paul Deasey, Jr. and Gary Gollub. Always Remembered will keep the oldster fan happy with photos of such drivers as Irv Taylor, Gary Wolford, Mike Geiser, Tom Mayberry, Dick Havens, Junior Mikosz, Ron Tilley, Benny Parsons, Lynn Paxton, Al Tasnady, Warren Mutter, Kenny Weld, Bobby Gerhart, Jr., Carl VanHorn and a nice shot of Sanatoga winner Dave Haldeman. Rounding out the 40 pages is a 2 photo look at Flemington. Front cover photography has a nice 3 wide shot from Hagerstown and the back cover has the Super Sportsman bearing down the main straight.
There is something here for all ages. Cover price still $7.00 + S/H $1.50 if needed.

Sales outlets include:
Kiddie Kar Kollectibles 12 th St. Reading
Brickel's Racing Collectibles Rt 61 Leesport
Hiester's HO Raceway and Novelties Old Lancaster Ave Shillington
Mary Ann's Antiques and Collectibles Reading Fairgrounds Farmer's Market
Young's General Store Rt 73 Blandon
Cluttered Room Collectibles, Wall NJ
Skelly's Racing Noverties, York,Pa.
EMMR, Latimore Valley Speedway
RFRHS, Travelling Museum
or contact:
Mike Feltenberger
1169 Mulberry St.
Thank you for your support. Looking forward to another successful racing season in 2006.

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Strapped In Issue #11

The newest issue of the 40 page photo only racing magazine, "Strapped In", will be available October 21st. Cover price will remain at $7.00. There are over 120 photos among the pages of this very collectible magazine.
The front cover photography taken by Mike Feltenberger shows David Reutimann's #17 NCTS Tundra speeding down the Dover "Monster Mile" main straightaway. Back cover shot shot of the 270cc Micro Sprint of Mike Hoffmaster was taken by noted lensman Bob Snyder and completes the look at racing past and present.
Among the pages are photo sections devoted to NASCAR/IRL/USAC/WoO and many other sanctioning bodies. Tracks covered include, Pocono, Richmond, Reading Fairgrounds, Lincoln, Williams Grove, SSP, Hagerstown, Grandview, Langhorne, Dover, OCFS, Nazareth, Kutztown, Shellhammer's and many more.
Special sections devoted to Women in Racing, Mirror Image, Days Gone By and the popular Who's Behind the Wheel.
Driver photos spotlighted in this issue are Danny Erb, Erin Crocker, Ray Hendrick, Rags Carter, Johnny Leach, Paul Fitzcharles, Doug Hoffman, a fabulous photo of the Chase Contenders taken by Ted Seminara at Richmond, Danny Lasoski in an IROC car taken by LKG, Lauden Potts, Ron Slade, NASCAR crew chief Kevin Collins, Red Lesher, Jud Larson, Chuck Boos, Jim Faas, Jackie Evans, Jeff Strunk and many more.
Sales outlets are always being accepted.

This and many back issues are still available at:
Brickel's Racing Collectibles Rt 61 Leesport,Pa.
Kiddie Kar Kollectibles Perry St Reading,Pa.
MaryAnn's Antiques and Collectibles Reading Fairgrounds Farmer's Market
Young's General Store Rt 73 Blandon,Pa.
Skelly's Racing Novelties Williams Grove and Lincoln Speedways
Hiester's HO Raceway,Old Lancaster Pike and Big Diamond Novelty Stand
New Egypt Speedway Novelty Stand
EMMR Latimore Valley Raceway
or by contacting:
Mike Feltenberger
1169 Mulberry St.
Reading, PA 19604

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Strapped In Magazine Issue #10 has been hot off the press and is selling well in it's first week. The 40 page photo only racing magazine has had increased sales for the past 5 issues and this one looks to be another winner. Great photography by Don Rohrbach, Larry Kellogg, LKG, L.Gray, Mike Feltenberger, Bob Eppihimer, Bob Zellers and photos from the vast collections of Barry Shultz, Randy Kane and Snyder Racing Videos make this a must for all race fans. As a special highlight, Walt Wimer and his special contributions take the race fan down Memory Lane with his photos from the 60's and 70's.NASCAR coverage from Pocono, Dover, Darlington and Richmond keep new fans up to date. A great photo of Super Sportsman star Rich Eichelberger taken as SSP and the Triple Digits section which showcases car with 3 numbers also are part of the array of racing photos. Special sections include photo race coverage from Silver Spring, Big Diamond's RoC event, Williams Grove Outlaws and Grandview modified action.
Other sections of interest include The Professional Look, Driver Picture Pages (showcasing such drivers as Don Kreitz,Jr., Brett Hearn, Frankie Kerr, Bobby Gerhart, Sr.and Newt Hartman among others), The Joe Weatherly Museum at Darlington Raceway, Wimer's Wonders and Larry Kellogg's great sprint photography in Roofless Racers. The magazine gives older racing fans something to look back on in Back In Time.
Cover price is $7.00 and sales outlets include:
Kiddie Kar Kollectibles, Reading,Pa.
Brickel's Racing Collectibles, Leesport,Pa.
Young's General Store, Blandon,Pa.
MaryAnn's Antiques and Collectibles Reading Fairgrounds Farmer's Market
Skelly's Racing Novelties, Williams Grove and Lincoln Speedways
Hiester's HO Parts and Novelties, Big Diamond Raceway and Shillington,Pa.
Also by mail,check or money order for $8.00 to:
Mike Feltenberger
1169 Mulberry St
Reading, PA 19604
Any questions, comments or complaints can be directed to me at this email address or 610-223-4181.

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si9fc.jpg (125155 bytes)

The first "Strapped In" issue of 2005 is being readied for a March 30th release. This will be the 9th issue since the magazine's inception, January, 2003. Strapped In editor Mike Feltenberger is trying to please the total race fan with this issue. A blend of recent action photos such as the Lincoln Ice Breaker 30 and the Daytona 500 combined with an over abundance of "Oldies" make this 40 page photo only racing magazine a favorite of everyone. Among the pages of Vol.3 Issue #1 is the race pick of the year which was Hagerstown's Octoberfest and other special sections such as, 2005 Openers, Bob Wertz Tribute, Bob Weikert Lookback, Gas City Sightings with great photography from Larry Kellogg. A special section devoted to fan photos that have no driver identities called "Looking for Help". Raceway Roamin', Alphabet Soup and Having Some Fun round out this photo spectacular. Among the drivers in this issue are Gerald Chamberlain, Hal Browning, Alan Johnson, Frankie Kerr, Tom Mayberry, Gus Linder, Ed Zirkle, Ray Tilley, Brad Doty, the late Bobby Hersh, Jiggs Peters and many more.
Front cover action photography of Tony Kanaan and Tomas Scheckter at Richmond by LKG Photo start the wheels turning. The back cover shot of Shawn Cottle at Gas City by Larry Kellogg is a fitting end to another racing photo masterpiece.
Special thanks to photo contributors, Walt Wimer, Don Rohrbach, LKG Photo, Mike Feltenberger, Bob Eppihimer, Bob Zellers, Terry Shaub, Ted Seminara, Bruce Craig and Larry Kellogg for contributing to this issue. Unsung contributors are Dick Schoonmaker, Bill Bailey, Barry Shultz, Billy Horner, Johnny Ryan and Barry Skelly.
Check out the special inside back cover ad devoted to the Reading Fairgrounds Racing Historical Society. Please support all sponsors.
Sales outlets are always being welcomed.
Current sales outlets are:
Brickel's Racing Collectibles/ Rt.61 Leesport,Pa
Kiddie Kar Kollectibles/ Perry St.Reading,Pa
MaryAnn's Antiques and Collectibles/ Reading Fairgrounds Farmer's Market
Tom Hiester Raceway Novelties/ Big Diamond Raceway Minersville,Pa.
Tom Hiester's Miniature Cars/ Old Lancaster Ave Reading,Pa.
Young's General Store /Rt.73 Blandon,Pa.
Skelly's Novelties/ Williams Grove and Lincoln Speedways
For more information or ordering info contact Mike Feltenberger at the following:
1169 Mulberry St.
Reading,Pa. 19604

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StrappedInVol8.jpg (141878 bytes)
Issue #8 of "Strapped In" went that one step farther with 8 pages of full color in the middle.  As in past issues there is something for everybody, whether it be dirt modifieds, sprints, late models, NASCAR, IRL, it's all here.  Never forgetting about the past, there are plenty of "Oldies" for your viewing pleasure.   Among some of the contents are recent area action, Kenny Weld Spotlight, Side by Side, Crazy for Color, A Llittle of Everything, Driver Closeups and Odds and Ends.   Some drivers in photo form are Stan Ploski, Doug Hoffman, Billy Pauch, Darrell Waltrip, Howie Cronce, Bobby Bottcher, Sammy Beavers, Dave Kelly and many more.   Photography by Mike Feltenberger, LKG, Don Rohrbach, Bob Zellers, Bruce Craig and some great shots from private collections make this another 40 page winner.  The front cover shows the 2 "Chase contenders", Kurt Busch and Jeff Gordon doing their magic at Darlington and the back cover has a photo tribute to Super Sportsman racer and fan favorite, "Wild" Bill Heckert.  With over 125 photos and 8 pages of color, it's something to hold the race over until the green flag drops in February.   Special issue pricing for this issue is $8.00 with S/H extra.  All previous issues will be on sale at Motorsports 2005 at Ft. Washington, January 14, 15, and 16.

Sales outlets are:
Kiddie Kar Kollectibles,Perry St. Reading
Brickel's Racing Collectibles, Rt.61 Leesport
Hiester's HO Speedway, Old Lancaster Ave. Shillington
Young's General Store, Rt.73 Blandon
MaryAnn's Antiques, Reading Fairgrounds Farmer's Market
Skelly's Toys, York,Pa.
EMMR, Mechanicsburg,Pa.
or by mail :
Mike Feltenberger
1169 Mulberry St.
Reading,Pa. 19604

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Started as a magazine for friends in January,2003,"Strapped In" racing magazine has become a "cult favorite" for fans throughout the country.  It is a 40 page photo only racing magazine that blends the recent action with the stars and cars of the past.  Issue #7 will be available in late Sept. and the sales outlets are ever increasing.  "Strapped In" has showcased the careers of local drivers Freddy Adam, Meme DeSantis, Dave Marburger, Tommy Hinnershitz and did a special lookback issue devoted entirely to the Reading Fairgrounds.  The idea of seeing photos from the Reading Fairgrounds mixed with NASCAR photos from Richmond, Pocono, Dover, as well as IRL photos from Nazareth and sprint car photos from Williams Grove, the magazine has a total racing feel with a photo holding a special memory for that special racing fan.   Readers from all over the country have taken notice of the racing magazine from Reading and they love submitting photos to see their names in print as well.
The magazine has spawned a local TV show on BCTV called "Strapped In" and among the guest have been local drivers Craig Von Dohren, Doug Manmiller along with car owner Bill Devine and long-time racing columnist and former owner of Keystone Auto News, Barry Shultz.  The show is hoping to expand to an hour and will feature many greats of racing past and present.
Among the array of award winning photographers included are Bob Zellers, Mike Feltenberger, Don Rohrbach, Bruce Craig, Ted Seminara, LKG Photos, Jeff Gromis, King Racing Photos, JGK Motorsports along with photos from fans collections.
The magazines sales outlets are:
Kiddie Kar Kollectibles/12th& Perry St. Reading
MaryAnn's Collectibles/Reading Fairgrounds Farmer's Market
Tom Hiester's Novelties/Big Diamond Raceway and Old Lancaster Ave. Shillington
Young's General Store/Rt. 73 Blandon
Brickel's Racing Collectibles/Rt. 61 Leesport
Anyone interested in obtaining copies of these can contact the above outlets or call:
Mike Feltenberger at 610-223-4181
Cover price is $5.00 with S/H extra.
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The latest issue of "Strapped In" is on the market. Issue #2 of 2004 contains another 40 pages of racing memories in photo form for the $5.00 cover price. Among the contents of this issue are:
Salute to Sprint Cars (past and present)
NASCAR Notables (past and present)
Coal Region Rumblings (a vintage look at Big Diamond and Anthracite Speedways)
Bruce Craig Archives (among the best old sprint car photos ever taken)
The Fun Times Parts I & II (just a random mix of photos from every racing venue)
These are contained within the 40 pages as well as the popular Recent Action, a Tommy Hinnershitz Tribute and the always intriguing Who's Behind the Wheel. Front cover of Steve Kinser and back cover photo of Tommy Hinnershitz are worth the price alone. Adding to the contribution of photos were, Mike Shaub, Delores Deisher, Johnny (JR) Ryan, Dale Snyder, Jeff Gromis, Buck Fegely, JGK Fotos, Bob Eppihimer, Don Rohrbach, LKG Photos and Ted Seminara.
Strapped In can be purchased at the following locations:
Kiddie Kar Kollectibles (Perry St., Reading)
Checkered Flag Collectibles (Lancaster Ave., Reading)
Young's General Store (Rt 73, Blandon)
MaryAnn's Collectibles (Reading Fairgrounds Farmer's Market)
Tom Hiester Racing Novelties (Big Diamond Raceway)
Skelly Novelties (Williams Grove and Lincoln Speedways)
Rawlings Sporting Goods (Vanity Fair Outlet Village,Wyomissing) or by mail $5.00 cover + $1.75 S/H to:
Mike Feltenberger
1169 Mulberry St.
Reading,Pa. 19604
or by contacting Mike at or (610)375-0585 or (610) 223-4181

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