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Woodhull, NY--- Curt VanPelt was one happy camper in victory lane following an exciting last lap power move around brother Billy (current points leader) to win the 2nd Annual Lyle Sherwood Memorial 40 lap feature event in the t# All Star Series 358 Modifieds presented by Troyer Race Cars .Curt started the race in sixth position, but soon grabbed the point from Chad Brachman on lap five, as these two had some good battles for the top spot, even pulling away from the pack for a few laps. Unfortunately, cautions slowed the pace of the race as ten times, the yellow flag would come out. Points leader, Billy VanPelt , got caught up in the first caution, as he had nowhere to go in a four car pileup in turn four. B. VanPelt came out unscathed, but had to restart in the back. With each caution flag flying, Billy took advantage of them, as he worked his way fast towards the front. Meanwhile, Curt was having his own battles, as around lap 10, he fought to keep Brachman, Aaron Jacobus, George Kostelansky, and Dylan Dewert at bay. Curt VanPelt held his ground for several laps, getting a good jump on each restart. Lap traffic played a big roll in several positions getting shuffled among the rest of the filed. As Billy fought his way to the front, another hard charger was also gaining considerable ground. Steve Hartman Sr., who had earned his way into the feature by winning the ten-lap consolation race, cracked into the top ten by lap eighteen after starting in the 21st spot .By lap 24, both B. VanPelt and Hartman Sr., is racing in third and fourth spots, setting their sights on second man Brachman. An anxious moment on lap 25 as the red flag flew because of Larry Keegan, coming off turn four, and slamming into the front stretch guardrail .Mark Kline, with nowhere to go, slams into Keegan and forces Kline’s car to flip on it’s roof. Both cars had extensive damage, but both drivers thankfully walked away unhurt. With fifteen laps to go, the battle scene was in place for a great finish. As the field of cars get spread out, the VanPelt brothers break away from the rest .With only a handful of laps left, lap traffic soon will come into play. Billy was using the high side of the track and Curt on the low side .Billy took the lead on lap 29, and Curt seemed to fade a bit, trying to get around the lappers. Curt caught back up to Billy and on lap 38, he rode Billy on the high side. With a last lap effort, Billy drooped low and Curt stayed high, getting a better bite to take the checkered flag from flagman Scott Colegrove. Billy came in second with Brachman fighting his way back to third. Hartman Sr. Captured fourth ahead of Kostelansky, with Dewert rounding out the top five. During the post interview with track announcer and T3 series organizer Kenny Shupp Jr., a very happy Curt said that “Second position was the place to be on that last lap” A beautiful 6’ trophy was presented to VanPelt along with hardware from the representatives of Bully Hill Vineyards and Dewert Speed, as these two businesses were on hand for a first time sponsorship at the high banks of Woodhull.
Wood hull Raceway also hosted a Street Stock Open with a 30 lap feature on the card. Twenty three cars started the feature with a first time winner in the 2006 season going to Josh Nobriga of Addison, NY. Nobriga raced to the top spot by lap two, getting around Barry (Buck) Payne, but Payne didn’t wait too long to retake the lead as he grabbed the top spot on the very next lap. These two exchanged the lead a few more times with 2006 Morgan’s Auto Repair Street Stock Champion Dan Gordon, breathing down their necks. Donnie Knowles and Rod Mullen also were in the top five by lap 13.Yellow fever occurred several times through out the event as lap cars seemed to loop around in both ends of the speedway, thus bunching up the field on the restarts. Brian Knowles(14th starter) and last weeks ROC Champions winner, Jeff Smith,(16th) had made a good stride to the front as with ten laps to go, both find themselves in the top five. Nobriga and B. Knowles breakaway from the rest of the field as Smith works on D. Knowles for third. Darwin Davis rides in fifth place with five laps to go.As the two front leaders keep a good distance away, Gordy Price(9th) gets around Davis for fifth. A caution on lap 28 sets it up for a 2 lap shootout. B, Knowles fought hard to get around Nobriga, but the door would slam shut on the last lap, giving Nobriga the nod for the win. Knowles takes second with Donnie Knowles holding on to third. Smith and Davis round out the top five.
The 30 lap BRP CAN/AM 360 Late Model feature winner was Jon Rivers.

2nd Annual Lyle Sherwood Memorial T3 All Star Series for the 358 Modifieds
Bully Hill Vineyards & Dewert Speed Night
T3 ALL STAR SERIES FOR for the 358 MODIFIEDS presented by TROYER RACE CARS 34 cars in attendance
Swarthout Recycling Heats: Curt VanPelt, Bryan Terwilliger, Chad Brachman, Ray Bliss
Suzuki Motorcycles and ATV’s Consolation: Steve Hartman, Sr.
40 lap feature: Curt VanPelt, Billy VanPelt, Chad Brachman, Steve Hartman, Sr., George Kostelansky, Dylan Dewert, Kevin Chilson, Ron Cartwright, Stacy Jackson, Vern Wasson, Dave Dubois, Tony Harris, Dale Welty, Frank Dunning, Ray Bliss, Mike Jackson, Larry Doolittle, Herb Wright, Serenity Sutherland, Donnie Lawson, Aaron Jacobus, Larry Keegan, Mark Kline, Bryan Terwilliger, Roger Williams, Ron White, Don Lawson

Street Stock Open 23 cars in attendance
Heats: Michael Williams, Barry Payne, Tony Foth
30 lap feature: Josh Nobriga, Brian Knowles, Donnie Knowles, Jeff Smith, Darwin Davis, Mike Williams, Lance Baker, Henry Miracle, Dan Gordon, Jim Buck, Ken Thomas, Charly ReSue, Buck Payne, 19w, Rod Mullen, Chuck Pruden, Russell Morseman, III., 72, Tony Foth, 23, 2Q, 53, 407

BRP CAN/AM 360 Late Models: 35 Cars in Attendance
Heats: Bruce Miller, Jon Rivers, T.J. Shaw, Jeff Cheesboro
Consolation Events: Wayne Robertson, Ron Hurd
30 Lap Feature: Jon Rivers


Woodhull, NY---- Woodhull Raceway owner, Vern Wasson, must have made a deal with the rain Gods Saturday night, or else he had every single finger and toes crossed, to make sure that no rain fell on the famed Steuben high banked track, as the whole night felt like the skies would open up at any time. But low and behold, along with Wasson, the track crew did a great job preparing the track for very fast track. Curt VanPelt, I'm sure, felt that way, as he grabbed his sixth win of the 2006 season in the L J Kennedy Trucking 358 Modifieds.VanPelt, starting back in the third row, wasted no time getting to the front as by lap 5, he was challenging Ron Cartwright Jr. For the lead. He and Cartwright put on a great show as both ran their lines, (VanPelt on the bottom, Cartwright Jr. On the top) and neither gaining any ground from each other. The track had so much bite, that the two front - runners had no clear advantage over the other. Moving up in the mix was Billy VanPelt(12th) as had fought his way around Donnie Lawson for third. Unfortunately, the 25 lap feature had it's share of caution flags with starter, Scott Colegrove, waving they yellow nine times. C. VanPelt took the lead from Cartwright on lap 10 and held him off for the win. The biggest mover of the feature had to go to Steve Hartman Sr. He started the race the 22nd position and just blasted his way to the front. He and Cartwright battled for second with Hartman winning that battle, followed by Cartwright. Lawson held on to fourth and Dave Dubois rounded out the top five. Bryan Terwilliger, Mike Jackson, Mike Schane, Dale Welty and Gil Tegg finished sixth through tenth. Billy VanPelt had been running in the third position until suspension problems ended his night on lap 16.
The Arnot Mall in Big Flats sponsored the nights events along with Team 88a Racing of Campbell. This was the first time for the mall and representatives were on hand to hand out the hardware to the lucky winners.
Points leader Glenn Writenour made his way back victory lane for the second time this year in the Napa Super Stocks. His other win came on opening night, but his consistencies in finishing in the top ten each week has kept him on top most of the season. Whritenour had battled his way to the front from the ninth spot, contending with Kenny Peoples Sr., Rich Marlatt, and Larry Knowles. Knowles had taken the lead from Marlatt around lap 8 in this 25- lap feature and Whritenour sat back in third. It seemed that yellow fever was the name of the game for this class as they also battled with the yellow flag. Marlatt ran into mechanical problems on the restart of lap 14 as his engine made a loud pop and shut down, sending him pit side . Whritenour took the lead from Knowles on a lap 15 restart as Knowles's car didn't seem to want to get going. Whritenour gets the nod for the top spot followed by Peoples. Scott Brown stayed right in the top five and managed to get the third position followed by eleventh starter Dave Davis. Bob Lubberts had a good run as well with a fifth finish. Joe Buck and Greg Young finished sixth and seventh with Knowles hanging on to eighth. Braden Smith and Mickey Seeley rounded out the top ten.
The Morgan's Auto Repair Street Stocks ran a 30 lap special that had been previously rained out twice. Brian Knowles captured his second win in a row and also his seond of the season. Knowles win wasn't an easy one as he battled points leader, Dan Gordon, and Jay Demming. Demming had taken the lead from Gordon on lap 14 as his car really stuck to the tacky track. Knowles had gotten around Gordon and with eight laps to go, battled Demming for the top spot. This class is really fun to watch, as several times though out this 30 lapper, the cars were four abreast on the front stretch. Gordon and Knowles found themselves battling for the lead again as Demming went pit side. On lap 27, Knowles takes over the lead from Gordon, and takes the win. Gordon finished second and 14th starter, Josh Nobriga, came in with the third spot. Lyle Smith, no stranger to the high banks, finished fourth and Tony Foth (20th) grabs fifth. Sixth through tenth went to Jared Hill, Henry Miracle, Cliff Moss, Mike Updike, and Zach Sutton.
Saturday night was also the final leg of the Blackrock Speedway/Woodhull Raceway Challenge for the mini stocks The two tracks held a challenge where whom ever ran both tracks in a two day event, the top five point finishers would split $500.00 with $200.00 going to the overall winner. Rich Sharpsteen II, was the overall winner as he won the 20 lap feature at Blackrock Speedway on Friday night(8-25-06) and taking second in the twenty lapper at Woodhull Raceway. The Signs Plus of Kanona 20 lap event was won by Art Goodier, as he had put on a good show for the folks, keeping the lead throughout most of the race. Goodier would lead the field several cars lengths at a time until a caution would bunch the field back up. On each restart, Goodier just pulled away from the rest of the 31 starters. Sharpsteen battled Goodier in a 3 lap shootout, but ended up finishing second. Third went to Ryan Davenport along with Adam Austin. Fifth place was won by Bill VanEtten. Ray Spicher came in sixth with Mike Smith seventh. Dennis Erdmann, Brett Marlatt and Casey Pavlick rounded out the top ten.
The overall Blackrock Speedway/Woodhull Raceway top five finishers were, Rich Sharpsteen, Ray Spicher, Adam Austin and Donnie Smith(tie), and Brian Grant Sr.
Along with the Arnot Mall, Team 88a Racing of Campbell sponsored the nightly event, and were on hand to present plaques to all the competitors in the S&W Awards and Photos Warriors. Tom and Ida Austin has made this an annual event to honor the kids that race in this series as the racers do not compete for money, but for points and hardware. The Austin's son, Tom Jr., made it even a special night, as this second generation pilot won his third feature of the 2006 season .Austin fought with Bryce Davis in this 10 lapper, doing side by side battling for several laps.Austin , and Davis finished one and two, followed by C.J. Winslow and Dylan Potter for third and fourth. Bryan Wilson, Shane Pickering, and Kreg Crooker finished fifth through seventh.
Last race of the night, but certainly not least, was the LaBarron Brothers Repair and Parts FWD Enduro 15 lap feature. This new class of the 2006 season has grown quite a bit with about seven cars competing on opening night to 15 cars starting Saturday night. Track owner, Vern Wasson, gave the competitors and extra treat as they were promised heat races as long as the field grew to a sizable class. Two heats were run to determine the nights running order. Jamie Freeman won the first ever heat for this class and Kevin Patton went on to not only win the second heat, but also the feature as well. Patton and Freeman battled each other for the top spot with both puuling away from the rest. Freeman used the high side of the track and made his way to front in a hurry as well as Patton. Freeman appeared to have the car to beat again as he had been the winner for the last five features, but his cars seemed to lose power as the laps wound down. With two laps to go, Patton had the lead and held of Freeman for his second win of the season. Third went to Steve Gee, followed by Justin McNeil and Ron Daily Jr. Sixth through tenth went to Brian Grant Jr., Robert baker, Donnie Scanlon, James Howard and Ann Marie Dgien

Regular BIG 6 SHOW sponsored by Arnot Mall
L.J. Kennedy Trucking 358 Modifieds 23 cars in attendance
Heats: Billy VanPelt, Roger Williams, Ron Cartwright, Jr
25 lap feature: Curt VanPelt (6), Steve Hartman, Sr., Ron Cartwright, Jr,, Donnie Lawson, Dave DuBois, Bryan Terwilliger, Mike Jackson, Mike Schane, Dale Welty, Gil Tegg, Jr., Roger Williams, Steve Hartman, Jr., Tom Austin, Don Lawson, Stacy Jackson, Jared Kenney, Tim Guild, Billy VanPelt, Herbie Wright, Aaron Jacobus, Frank Dunning, Kevin Chilson, George Kostelansky
NAPA Super Stocks 21 cars in attendance
Heats: Ken Peoples Sr., Larry Knowles, Dave Davis
20 lap feature: Glenn Whritenour (2), Kenny Peoples, Sr., Scott Brown, Dave Davis, Bobby Lubberts, Joe Buck, Greg Young, Larry Knowles, Brandon Smith, Mickey Seeley, Bob Clark, Jessica Pierce, Kyle Lefelhoc, Wayne Robertson, Rich Marlatt, Gary Archer, Dan Guild, Adam Coots, Brandon Conklin, Gene Galligan
Morgan's Auto Repair Street Stocks 25 cars in attendance
Heats: Jeff Smith, Dan Gordon, Brian Knowles
30 lap feature: Brian Knowles (2), Danny Gordon, Josh Nobriga, Lyle Smith, Tony Foth, Jared Hill, Henry Miracle, Cliff Moss, Mike Updyke, Zack Sutton, Phil Hall, Butch Dibble, Ken Thomas, Jim Buck, Jay Deming, Donny Knowles, Jeff Smith, Mike Williams, Darwin Davis, Barry Payne, Russell Morseman, III, Glen Helfrich

Signs Plus of Kanona Mini Stocks 31 cars in attendance
Heats: Brian Butler, Adam Austin, Dennis Erdmann
20 lap Black Rock Speedway/Woodhull Raceway Challenge feature: Art Goodier (4), Rich Sharpsteen II, Ryan Davenport, Adam Austin, Bill VanEtten, Ray Spicher, Mike Smith, Dennis Erdmann, Brett Marlatt, Casey Pavlick, Brian Grant, Bill McCourt, Donnie Smith, Bill Shea, Dixie Madison, Derek Mills, AJ Costly, Rick McDaniels, #93, George Kels, Steve VanEtten, Brian Butler, Todd Dickerson, Jason Ketrow, Lynn Burrell, Brooks Leach, Ed Davenport, Jon Wallenbeck, Randy Smith, Joe Dgien (BF)
Overall Black Rock/Woodhull top five finishers. Rich Sharpsteen II, Ray Spicher, Adam Austin and Donnie Smith tie, Brian Grant Sr.

S&W Awards and Photos Warriors 10 lap feature: Tommy Austin (3), Bryce Davis, C.J. Winslow, Dylan Potter, Bryan Wilson, Shane Pickering, Kreg Crooker (BF) Plaques presented to all competitors compliments of Team 88a Racing of Campbell, NY.

LaBarron Brothers Repair and Parts FWD Enduro 15 lap feature 15 cars in attendance
Heats: Jamie Freeman, Kevin Patton

Features: Kevin Patton (2), Jamie Freeman, Steve Gee, Justin McNeil, Ron Daily, Jr., Brian Grant, Robert Baker, Donnie Scanlon , James Howard, Ann Marie Dgien, Isaac Byler, Dustin Knoll, Tom McGlynn

Next week, Saturday, September 2, 2006. Labor Day Trophy Races. Season ending double points for 358 Modifieds and Warriors. Regular show of Super, Street, Mini and Enduro's. NAPA Super Stock Race of Champions. Morgan's Auto Repair Street Stock Race of Champions.
Participating NAPA Auto Parts Stores as the event sponsor.


Woodhull, NY------ Billy VanPelt won his seventh feature of the 2006 season at the high banks of Woodhull Raceway. VanPelt made a quick run to the front from his 7th starting spot and took the lead from Mike Jackson around lap ten. Jackson, along with Ron Cartwright Jr., battled Vanpelt for several laps, all three breaking away from the rest of the L.J Kennedy Trucking 358 mods. VanPelt had a sizable lead until the only caution of the 25 lap event happened on lap 17 when pole sitter ,Roger Williams, looped it in turn 4, sending him to the rear of the pack .VanPelt maintained his lead on the restart and won his third in a row with Cartwright Jr. And Jackson close behind. Gil Tegg came in fourth followed by Steve Hartman Jr. Sixth through 10th went to Ray Bliss Jr., Frank Dunning, Dale Welty, Aaron Jacobus , and Dave Dubois. The nightly sponsors for the evening’s activities, Mullen Carpets and S&W Awards and Photos , presented hardware to VanPelt and all the other feature winners.

The 15th Annual Late Model Reunion took place at Woodhull Raceway with a field of 18 starting the thirty- lap event. These ground pounding, alcohol burning monsters always put on a good show for the large crowds on hand. Bob Close took the lead from Dave Zona on lap 25 to collect the checkered flag. Zona held the lead for 25 laps, but Close appeared to just bide his time and found the right groove to his liking as the laps wound down.. Both Close and Vona battled for the lead with Close staying on the bottom to finally get around for the win. Zona finished in the second spot with Scott Lebarron, Jason Dupont , Greg Oakes finishing in the top five.

Rookie driver, Jessica Pierce, won her first ever Napa Super Stock 20 lap feature with style as she went flag to flag in a caution free feature. With 18 other competitors breathing down her neck, Pierce stayed in her line and maneuvered around lap traffic at just the right time to keep hard charging, Wayne Robertson, at bay. Robertson came close a few times but the only real challenge was on the last lap when he took to the high side going into turn one to try and get momentum for a last lap charge. Pierce held her ground and took the win. Robertson was a close second with Glenn Writenour third .Rich Marlatt and Scott Brown had the fourth and fifth spots. Seventh went to Bob Lubberts with Greg Crooker, Kyle Lefelhoc, Greg Young and Joe Buck rounding out the top ten.

The Morgan’s Auto Repair Street Stocks had a first time winner of the 2006. Brian Knowles collected the win Saturday night over the field of 23 with only one caution for 20 laps. Knowles took the lead over Barry Payne right on lap one and maintained that position ahead of Mike Williams and Payne. With two laps to go, Williams made a bid for the lead, dropping to the low end of the track, but Knowles had the better bite on the top and held off Williams for a close finish. Payne held on to third with points leader, Dan Gordon, in fourth .Rod Mullen came in fifth with Gordy Price sixth. Seventh through tenth went to Jeff Smith, Darwin Davis, Josh Nobriga, and Donny Knowles.

Adam Austin had his hands full to keep the lead over the rest of the field of 27 in the Signs Plus of Kanona Mini Stocks. Austin grabbed the lead right from the start but had to fight off Art Goodier and Bill Shea for several laps. An unusual night for cautions for this class, Austin had to step on it has it was either, Shea or Goodier , working him over at each restart. At one point, Austin had checked out away from the field, but cautions bunched them back up. Two quick cautions with two laps to go, a shootout was the name of the game. Goodier made a valiant effort, but it was Austin’s night as he took his sixth win of the season. Goodier came in second with Rich Sharpstein, Casey Pavlick, and Bill VanEtten rounding out the top five. Shea dropped back to sixth with Mike Smith seventh. Dennis Erdmann, Brian Grant Sr. And Lynn Burrell held on to finish in the top ten.

The unstoppable Jamie Freeman had his fifth win of the season and all five have been in a row in the LaBarron Brothers Repair and Parts FWD Enduros. Freeman has certainly found his niche on the track and he showed it Saturday night in the 15 lapper as he took the lead from Kevin Patton on lap nine and held on for the win. He and Patton battled for the lead several times with Freeman finally winning the war. Patton held on for second with Ron Daily Jr. Taking the third spot. Justin McNeil crossed over in fourth with Isaac Byler finishing in the fifth position. Randy Graham, Dustin Knoll, James Howard, Ann Marie Dgien, and Tom McGlynn claimed the sixth through tenth spots.

The S&W Awards and Photos Warriors ran their 10 lap feature earlier in the evening with Kreg Crooker once again finding victory lane for the sixth time. Crooker just dominated the field of seven as he held a sizable lead over second place finisher, Tom Austin Jr. Two cautions bunched the field back up, but Crooker walked away each time on the restarts. Shane Pickering held on to third while Bryce Davis, Dillon Cecce, and Bryan Wilson rounded out the rest of the finishers.

Regular BIG 6 SHOW sponsored by the S&W Awards & Mullen Carpets
L.J. Kennedy Trucking 358 Modifieds 24 cars in attendance
Heats: Steve Hartman Sr.; Billy VanPelt; Ron Cartwright, Jr
25 lap feature: Billy VanPelt (7), Ron Cartwright, Mike Jackson, Gil Tegg, Jr., Steve Hartman, Jr., Ray Bliss, Jr., Frank Dunning, Dale Welty, Aaron Jacobus, Dave DuBois, Bryan Terwilliger, Curt VanPelt, Stacy Jackson, Donnie Lawson, George Kostelansky, Steve Hartman, Sr., Kevin Chilson, Herb Wright, Roger Williams, Tim Guild, Ron White, Larry Keegan DNS Don Lawson

Late Model: 18 cars in attendance
Heats: Doug Ricotta; Greg Oakes; Bob Close
30 lap feature: Bob Close, Dave Zona, Scott LaBarron, Jason Dupont, Greg Oakes, Doug Ricotta, Barry Payne, Dave Norton, Dan Stone, Billy Martin, Bobby Stokes, John Haggerty
Wades Dash for Cash: Ron Cartwright, Gil Tegg, Jr, Curt VanPelt, John Haggerty, Bob Close, Doug Ricotta, Steve Hartman, Jr, Dan Stone
Late Model Maple City Dodge Race of Champions: Bob Close, Al Brewer, Bob Baldwin, Mike Wonderling

NAPA Super Stocks 19 cars in attendance
Heats: Kenny Peoples Sr.; Glenn Whritenour
20 lap feature: Jessica Pierce (1), Wayne Robertson, Glenn Whritenour, Rich Marlatt, Scott Brown, Bobby Lubberts, Greg Crooker, Kyle Lefelhoc, Greg Young, Joe Buck, Gary Archer, Bob Clark, Brandon Smith, Brandon Planck, Gene Galligan, Brandon Conklin, Chris Clark, Kenny Peoples, Mick Seeley

Morgan’s Auto Repair Street Stocks 24 cars in attendance
Heats: Jay Deming; Dan Gordon; Jeff Smith
20 lap feature: Brian Knowles (1), Mike Williams, Buck Payne, Dan Gordon, Rod Mullen, Gordy Price, Jeff Smith, Darwin Davis, Josh Nobriga, Donny Knowles, Jim Buck, Lyle Smith, Zack Sutton, Cliff Moss, Tony Foth, Glenn Helfrich, Ken Thomas, Butch Dibble, Brian Conley, Russell Morseman, III, Jay Deming, Mike UpDyke, Phil Hall, DNS Charly Resue

Signs Plus of Kanona Mini Stocks 27 cars in attendance
Heats: Rich Sharpstein; Derek Mills; Art Goodier
20 lap feature: Adam Austin (6), Art Goodier, Rich Sharpstein, Casey Pavlick, Bill VanEtten, Bill Shea, Mike Smith, Dennis Erdmann, Brian Grant, Sr, Lynn Burrell, Chuck Leasure, Todd Dickerson, George Kels, Tracy Dunn, Joe Dgien, Brian Butler, Jason Ketrow, Josh Watson, Randy Smith, AJ Costly, Brooks Leach, Brett Marlatt, Brady Snell, Steve VanEtten, Edward Davenport Derek Mills, Dixie Madison

S&W Awards and Photos Warriors 10 lap feature
Kreg Crooker (6), Tommy Austin, Jr., Shane Pickering, Bryce Davis, Dillon Cecce, Bryan Wilson
LaBarron Brothers Repair and Parts FWD Enduro 15 lap feature 14 cars in attendance
Feature: Jamie Freeman (5), Kevin Patton, Ron Daily, Jr., Justin McNeil, Isaac Byler, Randy Graham, Dustin Knoll, James Howard, Ann Marie Dgien, Tom McGlynn, Robert Baker, Colby Brewer, Steve Gee, Veronica Miles

Next Week; the Pepsi Bottling Group of Horseheads presents a Regular BIG 6 SHOW. In addition the Morgan’s Auto Repair Street Stocks will make-up their special event that was rained out on July 22. The final leg of the Black Rock/Woodhull Challenge will be run for the Signs Plus Mini Stocks with a $500 point fund going to the top five drivers overall in the two night affair. Black Rock will run their event on Friday, August 18.


Woodhull, NY----- L.J Kennedy Trucking along with first timer, Beam Mack Sales and Service, sponsored a special 40 lap 358 Modified feature Saturday night at the Woodhull Raceway with Dylan Dewert pulling off the win for the third time this season. For the third year, L.J Kennedy Trucking has not only sponsored the modifieds, but has set up a three race 40 lap series with a $5000.00 points fund to be distributed to the top drivers at the end,($1000,00 to the overall winner).Curt VanPelt held the points lead coming into Saturday night’s event. Dewert had his work cut out for him as he battled for several laps with pole sitter Dave DuBois. DeBois car worked well in the middle of the track as well as Dewert’s. The two were side by side many times but DeBois seemed to get on the gas a little quicker of the corners. After several cautions earlier on, the modifieds were lined up single file to retake the green flag and on lap 13, Dewert took the lead from DeBois. Now it was Dewert’s turn to fend off several hard chargers as Gil Tegg(4th), points leader Curt VanPelt(13th) and Ron Cartwright Jr.(22nd) closed in on the leader. There were at least three moments where Dewert almost was taken out by lap cars, but he held his ground and powered around them. The last thing Dewert needed was a caution, but with three laps to go, that’s exactly what happened, setting up a three lap shootout. On the restart, Dewert stayed to the bottom as C.Vanpelt took it to the high side, but was unable to capitalize on it. Dewert was first with VanPelt coming in the runner up spot. Tegg and Cartwright had 3rd and 4th with Frank Dunning rounding out the top five. DeBois slipped back to six with Aaron Jacobus and Stacy Jackson finishing in the seventh and eighth position. Rounding out ninth and tenth were Steve Hartman Sr.(16th) and Roger Williams. Beautiful trophies and plaques were handed out by representatives of both of the nightly event sponsors.

Rich Marlatt took the lead over pole sitter Gary Archer on the fifth lap and held that position to his fifth win of the 2006 season in the Napa Super Stocks. Marlatt may have led 15 laps of the scheduled 20-lap feature, but points leader Glenn Whritenour and Kenny Peoples Sr., made him earn his win, as the two breathed ever so close many times down his back. Whritenour worked on the inside on lap six to try and get the lead, but Marlatt maintained his position. While Whritenour worked over Marlatt, Peoples kept nudging Whritenour for second. Marlatt did get a good lead over the rest of the 21 starters, but on lap 17, a caution flew, setting up a three lap shootout. Marlatt maintained his position for the win with Whritenour taking second. Peoples and Dave Davis came over the line third and fourth with the fifth position going to Archer. Wayne Robertson, Jason Knowles(driving his dad Larry’s car) made it sixth and seventh, while eight through tenth went to Kyle Lefelhoc, Jessica Pierce, and Greg Crooker.

Kreg Crooker kept his winning streak alive win his second win in a row for the S&W Awards and Photos Warriors. Crooker held of Shane Pickering for the win with Bryce Davis coming third. Tom Austin Jr. Finished the 10- lap feature in fourth with Dylan Potter and Bryan Wilson rounding out the field of six in the 5th and 6th positions.

The Morgan’s Auto Repair Street Stocks ran their 20- lap feature with a first time winner for the 2006 season. Mike Williams broke points leader Dan Gordon’s winning streak of three in a row with and impressive run, in which included a green flag to a checkered flag caution free race. Jay Demming led the field of 20 out to take the green and right from the right away, him and Williams battled for the top spot. Tony Foth got intro the mix and all three cars got into a breakaway mid-way though the feature with Demming still holding the lead. Brain Knowles, two laps later, catches up to the front-runners. Demming loses the lead on lap 14 with Williams taking over the helm. Demming goes pit side with four laps to go and Foth took over the second spot. Williams had lap traffic to contend with but held on to win his first of the year followed by Foth in the runner up spot. Knowles held his ground for third with Ken Thomas finishing a close fourth. Impressive run for Buck Payne as he had started the feature dead last and finished in the fifth spot. Gordon was sixth with Gordy Price coming in seventh. Darwin Davis, Cliff Moss, and Josh Nobriga finished 8th through 10th.

Adam Austin made it two in a row to win his 20-lap feature in the Signs Plus of Kanona Mini Stocks. Austin started on the pole for the feature and maintained that position over the field of 25 with points leader Art Goodier giving a great effort on the last lap to try and get under Austin for the win. There were only a few cautions to slow the leader down, but Austin even a breakaway lead for a few laps mid way. The field stayed pretty much in line with the exception of Bill Shea, whom had started the race in 11th, and had worked his way to finish third behind Austin and Goodier. AJ Costly had a good run with a fourth place finish followed by Brian Butler. Bill VanEtten, Joe Dgien was sixth and seventh and Brett Marlatt, was eighth. Ninth and tenth went to Casey Pavlick and Derek Mills.

Double trouble for the rest of the thirteen starters in the Lebarron Brothers Repair and Parts Enduros as James Freeman scored his second win in a row. Freeman took the lead on lap 8 over Kevin Patton as a lap car got in the way. It was probably going to happen anyway as Freeman’s car was hooked up and getting good traction. Anxious moment though for the leader as with three laps to go, a lap car running high on the leader, suddenly dropped low and almost took him out. Patton got the runner up spot with Ron Daily Jr. finishing third. Justin McNeil , starting eighth, got the fourth position. Rounding out the top five was Robert Baker.

The Mid-State Vintage Cars made their annual visit to The Woodhull Raceway with Doug Rohr(70’s) winning their 12 lap feature overall over the other 11 starters. Bill Claussen finished first in his class( 60’s) and Gordie Wood was the winner in the (50’s class).

Kennedy Trucking 358 Modifieds
27 cars entered
Heats: (22) Gil Tegg, Jr., (6x) Dave Dubois, (29) Stacy Jackson
Consi: (B4) Bryan Terwilliger
40 lap feature (28) Dylan Dewert (12) Curt Van Pelt (22) Gil Tegg (2B) Ron Cartwright Jr (31) Frank Dunning (6x) Dave DuBois (1) Aaron Jacobus (29) Stacy Jackson (Z8) Steve Hartman (16) Roger Williams (2) Billy Van Pelt (13) Kevin Chilson (B4) Bryan Terwillliger (93) Donny Lawson (123) Dale Welty ( 75) Junior Green (88M) Herbie Wright (3 K) Larry Keegan (33) Kenney (69) Matt Smith (18) Don Lawson (9X) Chuck Kennison (15) Steve Hartman Jr (1S) Bob Paul (54) John Knight (06) Tim Guild (88) Mike Jackson DQ

NAPA Super Stocks
21 cars entered
Heats: (1) Rich Marlatt, (15) Glenn Whritenour (5k) Kenny Peoples, Sr.
20 lap feature (1) Rich Marlatt (15) Glenn Whritenour (5K) Kenny Peoples ( 94 ) Dave Davis (48) Gary Archer (20) Wayne Robertson (4 ) Jason Knowles ( 22 ) Kyle Lefeloc ( 2j ) Jessica Pierce ( 32 ) Greg Crooker ( 31 ) Mickey Seeley (42) Greg Young (04) Joe Buck (96x) Brandon Smith (13) Gene Galligan (77) Bob Lubberts (3) Bob Clark (09) Scott Plank (87) Scott Brown (50) Chris Clark (28) Jamie Lefeloc

Morgan’s Auto Repair Street Stocks
20 cars entered
Heats: (16) Tony Foth, (54) Brian Knowles, (15) Gordy Price
20 lap feature: (19) Mike Williams (16) Tony Foth, (54) Brian Knowles, (15) Gordy Price (55) Ken Thomas (23T) Buck Payne (66) Dan Gordon (15) Gordy Price (30) Darwin Davis (23) Cliff Moss (22) Josh Nobriga (97) Jim Buck (40) Jeff Smith (81) Mike UpDyke (3) Rod Mullen (38) Phil Hall (53) Butch Dibble (ZJ5) Zack Sutton (52) Charly Resue (11) Jay Demming (4) Glenn Helfrich

Signs Plus Mini Stocks
26 cars entered
Heats: (1) Art Goodier, (35) Bill Shea (7) Dennis Erdmann
20 lap feature: (88a) Adam Austin (1) Art Goodier (35) Bill Shea (40) AJ Costley (15) Brian Butler (31) Bill Van Etten (8) Joe Dgien (99) Brett Marlatt (18) Casey Pavlick (96jr) Derek Mills (23) Michael Smith (41) Todd Dickerson (007) Josh Watson (17) George Kels (9) Lynn Burrell (81) Don Knowles (11) Jason Ketrow (46) Brian Grant, Sr. (97) Dave Carlson (7) Dennis Erdmann (16) Dixie Madison (0) Dave Atkinson (75) Brooks Leach (2) Tracey Dunn (94) Mike Jackson, Jr

S&W Awards and Photos Warriors
10 lap feature: (35) Kreg Crooker, (5) Shane Pickering, (94) Bryce Davis, (88a) Tom Austin, (48) Dylan Potter, (007) Bryan Wilson
LaBarron Brothers Repair and Parts FWD Enduro
15 lap feature: (8) James Freeman (69) Kevin Patton (76) Ron Daily, Jr (18) Justin McNeil (97) Robert Baker (06) Bernie Wood (22) ? (99) James Howard (15) Colby Brewer ( 03) Dustin Knoll (7) Isaac Byler (52) Kyle Inman (36) Tom McGlynn

Mid State Vintage Cars 11 cars entered
50’s (96) Gordie Wood
60’s (X) Bill Claussen
70’s (18) Doug Rohr
123 cars total
Feature win totals for 2006
Dewert (3), Marlatt (5), Williams (1), Austin (5), Crooker (5), Freeman (2)

Next Week is Christmas in July with Santa and Mrs. Clause. Morgan’s Auto Repair Street Stock Special. Camp Good Days and Special Times Promotion with 2 cycle go-karts. Over 50 bicycles given away. Nightly sponsors include The Pembrooke Pines Media Group and The Cantina Restaurant.

Do you see now why it’s the Greatest Show on Dirt at the Best Track in the Country!


Woodhull, NY----- Curt Vanpelt wasn’t sure if he would run the whole 2006 season at the high banks of Woodhull Raceway, but after taking over the points lead over his brother Billy, it’s safe to say that Curt may ”stick it out” for the remainder. His win Saturday night made it his third in a row and fifth of the season. VanPelt started 12th in the L.J Kennedy Trucking 358 modified’s 25 lap feature with some heavy guns to get around. On the point was Steve Hartman Jr. With Aaron Jacobus, starting on the outside. Jacobus took the lead right away from Hartman and held off hard chargers, Kevin Chilson, and Gil Tegg for several laps. Holding the lead for several laps, Jacobus and Tegg along with Ron Cartwright Jr.(8th) made it exciting to watch as these drivers along with fast mover Donnie Lawson(10th), broke away several car lengths from the pack .Restart on lap 5 found Cartwright Jr. Taking the top spot from Jacobus. Using the high side, C, VanPelt and brother Billy(14th) broke in the top five several laps later. Halfway through the feature, the VanPelts split up with Curt on the bottom and Billy on the top, both trying to get the better bite. The front runners, Tegg and Cartwright Jr., still battling each other for the lead now has C Vanpelt on their heals. There were several caution flags throughout this event with the last being an anxious moment as in turn four, three cars got caught in a wreck with Mike Schane ending upside down on Chilson’s car. Stacy Jackson was also involved and appeared to be the only one not having to be put on the hook.On the restart with seven laps to go, Tegg held the lead until lap 23 when C. Vanpelt shot around for the win with Tegg getting second. Cartwright Jr. Finished third with B. Vanpelt fourth. Hartman Jr. Had a good comeback as he had dropped back several spots earlier on. He finished in the top five. Jacobus and Steve Hartman Sr. Was sixth and seventh with Donnie Lawson maintaining eighth. Sprint car driver Jessica Zemken, piloting one of B.Vanpelts modifieds, not only finished ninth on her very first visit to Woodhull Raceway, but even won her heat race as well. Good job Jessica!! Dale Welty rounded out the top ten. American Twin Harley Davidson of Corning(formally Hardings) were on hand to present the hard ware for the all the winners.

American Twin Harley Davidson of Corning hosted the Signs of Kanona Mini Stock 30 lap special with Adam Austin winning his fourth feature of the season. Austin held off Art Goodier and Ryan Davenport for a four lap shootout after the fifth caution flew of the night for this four cylinder class. It was no easy task for Austin as early on contenders Joe Dgien, Goodier and Davenport along with Michael Smith, gave him a run for his money. Dgien was the early on favorite as he held on the lead for two thirds of the 30 laps with him going pitside with 10 laps to go . He rejoined the field without losing a lap, but was out of contention for the win. Goodier and Austin had some good battles for the lead towards the end, but it was Austin winning the 4 lap shootout with Goodier a close second. Davenport took third with fifteenth place starter, Lynn Burrell, taking fourth. Derek Mills, whom early on fought for the lead over Dgien, finished sixth after recovering from a flat tire. Brian Grant(8th), Bill VanEtten, and Dennis Erdmann rounded out the top ten.

Larry Knowles became victorious for the second time this season in the Napa Super Stock division over hard fighting Chris Clark .Scott Brown lead the eighteen car field to the green and held on to the lead for about halfway until Knowles shot around him. Brown’s car was very strong throughout the race holding off Wayne Robertson and points leader Glenn Writenour until he had to go pit side. Clark worked his way around Roberston using the high bank and stayed right on Knowles’s tail. Knowles’s car had good bite coming off the corners a and managed to hold off Clark for the win.Writenour styed in line for third with Kenny Peoples Sr, fighting back from early on trouble, getting fourth Rich Marlatt, whom had to start this 20 lapper dead last, came up through the ranks to get the top five position ahead of sixth starter, Dave Davis. Jessica Pierce held on to seventh after she started in the tenth spot.Bob Lubberts(14th) had a good finish for eight with Joe Buck and Gary Archer finishing ninth and tenth.

A record eight wins for points leader Dan Gordon as he once again takes the checkered flag in the Morgan’s Auto Repair Street Stocks. Twenty four started the 20 lap feature with Donny Knowles on the point. Cliff Moss soon changed that has he took over the lead on lap one. Tony Foth had a rocket under him as he came from eighth to third by lap three. Gordon had worked his way to second when a caution flew around lap seven. Knowles had gotten around Moss for the lead and now on the restart, had to deal with Gordon. Going three wide on the front stretch, Gordon gets around Knowles with Bucky Payne right on his heals for second. Payne sticks lick glue to Gordon for several laps, but Gordon finally gets a good run and manages to maintain a 10 car length ahead of the field. Lap traffic becomes a factor as Payne inches closer to Gordon. Laps ran out for Payne as Gordon repeats for the third time in a row and eighth for the season.

Earlier in the evening, the S&W Awards and Photos Warriors ran their 10 lap feature with Kreg Crooker winning for the fourth time this season. This second generation pilot led the field of six youngsters to the line to take the green flag and lead all ten laps. Tom Austin Jr. took his 4 cyl. To the high side several times to over take Crooker, but couldn’t quite get the bite. Points leader Bryce Davis, recovering nicely after looping it earlier on, caught the front runners and gave a valiant effort to pass Crooker on the last lap. Davis settled for second followed by Austin Jr. for third. Dylan Potter took fourth with Chris Woodard and Dylan Cecee rounding out the fifth and sixth spot

The Lebarron Brothers Repair and Parts FWD Enduro class celebrated with a new winner. Jamie Freeman crossed the finish line first over the rest of the fourteen starters. Ron Daily Jr.(6th) and Brian Conley(5th) battled for the lead on lap 2 with Freeman close third. These three drivers broke away from the rest of the pack for several laps. Freeman worked his way to second and battle Conley by going to the low side. Conley held on to the lead when a caution flew for Bernard Wood as he slams his car hard into the front stretch wall. The red flag immediately flew but Wood restarted and limped to the pits. The red flag flew again as when Wood entered the pits, it was discovered that he needed medical attention after all. This caution set up a four lap shootout with Freeman becoming the overall winner over Conley. Patton was third and Daily Jr.(12th) finished fourth. The fifth spot went to Ted Morseman(4th). Tom McGlynn, Dustin Knoll, Robert Baker, Bill Clark, and Justin McNeil finished sixth through tenth.

American Twin Harley Davidson Night
L.J. Kennedy Trucking 358 Modifieds 29 cars entered
Heats Steve Hartman Sr., Jessica Zemken, Steve Hartman Jr.
Consi. Ray Bliss Jr.
25 lap feature Curt VanPelt (5), Gil Tegg Jr., Ron Cartwright Jr., Billy VanPelt, Steve Hartman Jr., Aaron Jacobus, Steve Hartman Sr., Donnie Lawson, Jessica Zemken, Dale Welty, Roger Williams, Bryan Terwilliger, Herbie Wright, Dave Dubois, Larry Keegan, Stacy Jackson, Don Lawson, Chuck Kennison, Frank Dunning, Kevin Chilson, Mike Schane, Larry Doolittle, Ray Bliss Jr., Mike Jackson
DNQ Mark Kline, Troy Kenny, Matt Smith, Tom Austin Sr., Tim Guild

NAPA Super Stocks 18 cars entered
Heats Chris Clark, Glen Whritenour
20 lap feature Larry Knowles (2), Chris Clark, Glen Whritenour, Kenny Peoples Sr., Rich Marlatt, Dave Davis, Jessica Pierce, Bob Lubberts, Joe Buck, Gary Archer, Gene Galligan, Greg Young, Wayne Robertson, Scott Brown, Don Guild, Mick Seeley, Brandon Smith, Kevin Johnson

Morgan’s Auto Repair Street Stocks 24 cars entered
Heats Tony Foth, Jay Deming, Rod Mullen
20 lap feature Dan Gordon (8), Barry Payne, Don Knowles, Cliff Moss, Mike Williams, Ken Thomas, Tony Foth, Gordy Price, Brian Knowles, Zach Sutton, Phil Hall, Mike UpDyke, Glen Hilfrich, Charly Resue, Butch Dibble, Dewitt VanAlstine, Jeff Smith, Jay Deming, Rod Mullen, Jim Buck, Henry Marical, Josh Nobriga, Ralph Beoubier, Darwin Davis

Signs Plus Mini Stocks 28 cars entered
Heats Bill VanEtten, Joe Dgien, Adam Austin
Consi. Casey Pavilik
30 lap feature Adam Austin (4), Art Goodier, Ryan Davenport, Lynn Burrell, Mike Smith, Derek Mills, Brian Grant Sr., Casey Pavlick, Bill VanEtten, Dennis Erdmann, Jason Ketrow, Brett Marlatt, George Kels, Brian Butler, Joe Dgien, Dave Carlson, Bill Shea, Bill McCourt, Brooks Leach, Ray Hyer, Josh Watson, A.J. Costley, Todd Dickerson, Scott Madison,

LaBarron Brothers Repair and Parts FWD Enduro
15 lap feature Jamie Freeman (1), Brian Conley, Kevin Patton, Ron Daily Jr., Ted Morseman, Tom McGlynn, Dustin Knoll, Robert Baker, Bill Clark, Justin McNeil, Bernard Wood, James Howard, Isaac Byler, Colby Brewer

S&W Awards and Photos Warriors
10 lap feature Kreg Crooker, Bryce Davis, Tom Austin Jr., Dylan Potter, Chris Woodard, Dylan Cecee

Next week. L.J. Kennedy Trucking Night, Mid-State Vintage Cars, 40 lap 358 Modified Special


Woodhull, NY------ Curt VanPelt collected his fourth trophy of the 2006 season in the L.J Kennedy Trucking 358 modified division. VanPelt grabbed the lead right from the get go from pole sitter Gil Tegg and held his position pretty much the whole 25 lap event. Heat winner Jr. Green and Steve Hartman Sr. Both got around Tegg in the early laps and had quite the battle for second place. As these two battled side by side, C. VanPelt stretched his lead almost a half a straight away. Back in the field, Ron Cartwright Jr.(6th) and points leader Billy VanPelt(11th) are a keeping a good pace forward and both are near the third place Tegg. The cushion seems to be the fastest way around as both VanPelts stay high. Hartman Sr. And B. VanPelt are fighting for that second spot halfway in with C. VanPelt once again having a straight away lead over the rest of the 24 starters .Lap traffic becomes a big factor as C. VanPelt’s lead starts to dwindle. Lap 15 caution bunches up the field once again and when the green flag waves, C. VanPelt remains the leader .B. VanPelt finally fights his way around Hartman but with laps winding down, loses any chance to catch brother Curt. Curt gets the nod for first as Billy gets second. Hartman Sr. Stays in line for third as a good battle for fourth between Cartwright and Tegg ensues. Carwright inches past Tegg for fourth place. Jr. Green holds on to get a sixth place finish followed by Steve Hartman Jr.(8th) Eighth position went to Aaron Jacobus (9th) with 10th place starter, Dale Welty, ninth. Rounding out the tenth spot was Mike Jackson. J&F Race Shop and Triple R Farms along with Terry Brewer Trucking were the nightly sponsors on hand for the night’s activities and presented beautiful trophy and plaques to all the winners. Along with it being mid season trophy night, it was also a special night for Woodhull Raceway as the track held as legends reunion night. Certificates were presented to past and present figures of the track whether they were drivers, flagman, car owners or ticket takers .It was a honor to be present among all who attended. In his post race interview with track announcer Kenny Shupp, Curt VanPelt said he was speechless to win in front of all whom he had been associated with through out his racing career.

First time winner Chris Clark wasn’t speechless in his interview as he thanked all his sponsors and crew for all their efforts. Bob Lubberts held the lead for lap1 over Clark and the rest of the 18 Napa Super Stock starters. A lap 4 caution flag flew as Kenny Peoples Sr. Gets turned around by Bradon Smith in turn one and meets head on with last weeks winner, Wayne Robertson. Peoples ended up on the hook with front end damage and his night was done. Robertson returned to the track before the restart and finished seventh. Rich Marlatt(1) and Larry Knowles(5th) and fifteenth starter and points leader Glenn Whritenour are all behind Clark on the restart. Marlatt gets the points as Clark and Whritenour battle for second with bumping and fender rubbing. Knowles is close behind in fourth as the laps start to wind down. Clark takes it to the high side and gets a good bite to get around Marlatt and with a sizable lead, takes the checkered flag for his first win. Knowles gets the second spot followed by Marlatt. Whritenour comes in fourth ahead of 4th place starter Jessica Pierce, who had dropped back in the field, but fought her way back to the top five. Another good run for Scott Brown as he earned a sixth place finish after as 14th starting spot. Robertson over came his early on mishap to get seventh ahead of Gary Archer. Rounding out ninth and tent were Greg Young and Joe Buck.

The S&W Awards and Photos Warriors ran their 10 lap feature lap next with Bryce Davis once again winning top honor. This 15 year old has been a dominator for this class with a impressive sixth win of the season. Kreg Crooker had a good run and finished second with Shane Pickering holding on to third spot. Adam Austin Jr. Finished close behind in fourth with Dylan Potter and Bryan Wilson rounding out the six starters.

An unusual caution filled Morgan’s Auto Repair Street Stock 20 lap feature was definitely not the norm for this class. With a full field of twenty four starters, these street stock competitors had a hard time getting any laps in the record books. Dan Demming took the lead from pole starter Steve Williams on lap 1. Demming held on to a good lead ahead of Dan Gordon(7th) , Williams, and Jeff Smith(10th) when Smith spins out another car, sending him to the rear of the field. Several laps. Several cautions fly but eventually points leader , Gordon, gets the lead from Demming. Halfway restart had Gordon in the lead followed by Demming with Rod Mullen(4th) and Darwin Davis(6th) close behind. Tony Foth, starting from the eleventh spot, had muscled his way in the top five. Gordon and Demming eventually break away from the field with a third place battle going on between Foth and Mullen with only a handful of laps left. Gordon gets his seventh win of the season followed Demming. Mullens holds on to third with Foth and Davis next. Top five went to Joe Buck whom had started this race ninth. Sixth place went to Brain Knowles who had a good run from the 22nd position, followed by Ken Thomas(13th). Zach Sutton, dropping back from 3rd, finished ninth and tenth went to Lance Baker.

Teammates Casey Pavlick and Joe Dgien started the Signs Plus of Kanona Mini Stocks on the front row with 22 other competitors breathing down their necks. Dgien grabbed the lead from Pavlick with Bill Shea(4th) close behind The two lead drivers broke away from the pack and battled side by side for several laps. Shea uses all the track to try and get around Dgien while Art Goodier and Pavlick battled for second place. Dgien seems to get a good bite on the high side as he hold off Shea. The field bunches back up as a halfway caution flies. Dgien holds off Shea once again on the restart, but with six laps to go, Dgien gets too high coming off turn two, in which Shea finally gets the lead. Shea breaks away and now Dgien fights for second as Goodier is determind to get the spot. Shea captures his 4th feature win of the season followed by Goodier. Dgien crosses over in third as Adam Austin gets the fourth spot. Derek Mills Takes fifth and pole starter Pavlick gets sixth. Rich Sharpstein and Brian Grant has the seventh and eighth spot with Bill VanEtten and Brian Butler ending ninth and tenth.

Three wins in a row for Brian Conley as he dominated the field once again in the Labarron Brothers Repair and Parts FWD Enduro 15 lapper. Thirteen front wheeled driven cars took the green flag lead by Bill Clark. Lap one caution sent points leader Justin McNeil to the pits with heavy damage to his machine. Conley took the lead on the restart and lead until a tenth lap caution. With a big lead gone, Jamie Freeman took one last valiant effort to try and get around Conley on the restart, but settled for second on the finish. Ron Daily Jr. took third followed by Kevin Patton. Rounding out the top five was Dustin Knoll.

L.J. Kennedy Trucking 358 Modifieds 32 cars in attendance
Heats Junior Green, Steve Hartman Jr., Dylan Dewert
B-Main Mark Kline
25 lap feature Curt VanPelt (4), Billy VanPelt, Steve Hartman Sr., Ron Cartwright Jr., Gil Tegg Jr., Junior Green, Steve Hartman Jr., Aaron Jacobus, Dale Welty, Stacy Jackson, Donnie Lawson, Dave Dubois, Bryan Terwilliger, Fred Amann, Mike Schane, Frank Dunning, Kevin Chilson, Herb Wright, Bob Paul, Mark Kline, Mike Jackson, Chuck Kennison, Ray Bliss Jr., Dylan Dewert

NAPA Super Stocks 18 cars in attendance
Heats Larry Knowles, Chris Clark
20 lap feature Chris Clark (1), Larry Knowles, Rich Marlatt, Glen Whritenour, Jessica Pierce, Scott Brown, Wayne Robertson, Gary Archer, Greg Young, Joe Buck, Gene Galligan, Dave Davis, Kyle Lefelhoc, Bob Lubberts, Mick Seeley, Kenny Peoples Sr., Don Guild, Brandon Smith

Morgan’s Auto Repair Street Stocks 25 cars in attendance
Heats Dan Gordon, Jeff Smith, Jay Deming
20 lap feature Dan Gordon (7), Jay Deming, Rod Mullen, Tony Foth, Darwin Davis, Jim Buck, Brian Knowles, Ken Thomas, Zach Sutton, Lance Baker, Jared Hill, Mike UpDyke, Steve Williams, Barry Payne, Charly Resue, Cliff Moss, Jeff Smith, Phil Hall, Butch Dibble, Glen Hilfrich, Josh Nobriga, Donnie Knowles, Henry Maricle, Russell Morseman III

Signs Plus Mini Stocks 29 cars in attendance
Heats Art Goodier, Bill Shea, Brian Grant Sr.
Consi Brett Marlatt
20 lap feature Bill Shea (4), Art Goodier, Joe Dgien, Adam Austin, Derek Mills, Casey Pavlick, Rich Sharpstein, Brian Grant Sr., Bill VanEtten, Brian Butler, Lynn Burrell, Jason Ketrow, Todd Dickerson, Mike Smith, George Kels, Brett Marlatt, Dennis Erdmann, Tracy Dunn, Steve VanEtten, Josh Watson, Ray Spiecher, Chuck Leasure, Bill McCourt, Brady Snell

LaBarron Brothers Repair and Parts FWD Enduro
15 lap feature Brian Conley (4), Jamie Freeman, Ron Daily Jr., Kevin Patton, Dustin Knoll, Tom McGlynn, Ted Morseman, Colby Brewer, Bill Clark, Justin McNeil, Isaac Byler, Bernie Wood

S&W Awards and Photos Warriors
10 lap feature Bryce Davis (6), Kreg Crooker, Shane Pickering, Tom Austin Jr., Dylan Potter, Bryan Wilson

123 cars in attendance

Next Week American Twin Harley Davidson presents a Signs Plus of Kanona Mini Stock Special in addition to a regular show of 358 Modifieds, Super, Street, Mini, Warrior and Enduro’s.


WOODHULL,NY---What a spectacular night is was to witness not only the best dirt track racing in New York State, but the best fireworks show as well. It was standing room only as the night’s activities got under way with 14 heat races and 3 B-Mains to set up the features for all the classes .Curt VanPelt had his hands full holding off Steve Hartman Sr. To grab first place in the L.J Kennedy Trucking 358 Modifieds. Twenty five laps seemed like an eternity for VanPelt, as the cautions flags would fly, not allowing him to get any distance from Hartman Sr. VanPelt stayed pretty much in the middle groove in the first half of the race, as Hartman ran the cushion. After the sixth caution, C. VanPelt took to the cushion, and Hartman tried to work the bottom, but the grip wasn’t there. As these two battled up front, Aaron Jacobus(14th) and Gil Tegg(21st) had gotten around pole sitter Kevin Chilson to have their own race for third. Jacobus finished in 3rd with Tegg 4th. Chilson held on to the fifth spot holding off hard charging Donnie Lawson Jr. Heat winner Dave Dubois finished in 7th with Steve Hartman Jr., Larry Keegan, and Don Silvernail rounding out the top 10 positions. Points leader Billy VanPelt and brother to Curt, had to go pit side on lap 14 with mechanical trouble and never made it back out .This is Curt’s third win of the 2006 season. Gene Wade and his employees from Wade’s Building Supply of Addison were in victory lane to present beautiful trophys to all the winners.

Woodhull Raceway fans got to witness another first time winner in the Napa Super Stock division. Wayne Robertson, week in and week out, has come so close in grabbing that victory flag that is was inevitable that a win would soon come his way. Robertson led the 20 car field of super stocks to the green flag and right away had a fight on his hands as Kenny Peoples Sr.(outside pole) raced him hard into turn two and grabbed the lead from him. Robertson soon took the top spot again and these two broke away from the field. Side by side for many laps with the lead changing hands a few more times, this gave Scott Brown and opportunity to catch up to the two leaders. Brown never could get around Robertson but did finish in second. Last weeks winner, Rich Marlatt, starting from tenth, worked his way to finish third ahead of Larry Knowles. Knowles, finishing fourth, had a late race charge and took to the high side to try and get around Marlatt. Peoples dropped back to finish in the fifth spot. Greg Young held of points leader Glenn Whritenour to get sixth. Seventh was Whritenour and Dave Davis, Greg Crooker, and Bob Lubberts were your 8th , 9th and 10th finishers.

The youngsters for the S&W Awards and Photos Warriors ran their 10 lap feature with Bryce Davis scoring a fifth win of the season. Starting from the back Davis charged to the front and battled for the lead along with Shane Pickering, Kreg Crooker and Tommy Austin Jr. These 4 cars broke away from the pack and Davis took the lead on lap 6. Caution sends Austin to the rear as he spins out Crooker on lap 7. Davis takes the win with Pickering second. Dylan Potter came over the line 3rd with Austin coming back to finish 4th. Crooker was fifth and rounding out the top six was Bryan Wilson.

Great racing once again from the Morgan’s Auto Repair Street Stocks with points leader, Dan Gordon, once again topping the field of 24 starters for his sixth win the season. Darwin Davis appeared to have this this 20 lapper in the record books as he took the lead from Tony Foth early on. Foth stayed close on his tail with Zach Sutton and Gordon coming from 7th spot, riding 3rd and 4th. Foth and Davis both exchanged the lead for several laps with Davis breaking away from the pack .Brian Knowles had and impressive run early on as on lap eight, he found himself in fifth spot after starting 20th. Great side by side action as Foth and Knowles fought for the forth spot. Davis held the lead from Gordon while the laps started to wind down. Up ahead, Davis started to get into lap traffic, and this brought Gordon right on his bumper. The two leaders split the lap cars and Davis still held the lead, but with only two laps to go ,a spinner in turn four came back out right on the track in front of the leader and Gordon retook the lead and eventually the win followed by Davis. Last weeks winner, Jay Demming, got around Knowles as well as Jeff Smith(6th) to finish 3rd and 4th. Knowles held on to the fifth position followed by Sutton .Foth dropped back to 7th with Rod Mullen, starting in the 4th spot , taking 8th. Gordy Price and Ron Divens finished in the 9th and 10th positions..

Twenty three cars started the Signs Plus of Kanona Mini Stock 20 lap feature as Adam Austin, 2nd in points, failed to make the call. Lynn Burrell lead them to the green and kept them at bay for 4 laps before Art Goodier(11th) took the lead on the restart. Goodier pretty much dominated the field but Bill Shea’s ride closed in on him several times for contention. Shea used the top side for many laps to try and get a run on Goodier, but Goodier’s car seemed to stick wherever he put it. Great battles for 4th as Burrell and Brian Grant mixed it up between the two for several laps. Ryan Davenport got into the mix and battled Shea for second place. Shea came close to passing Goodier, but Goodier became the winner for the 3rd time this year, thus continuing to maintain top spot in the points standings. Shea was second followed by Davenport and Grant. Bill McCourt, who had a earlier heat win, came in fifth with Casey Pavilik finishing in the sixth spot. Lynn Burrell slipped back but held on to seventh position followed by heat winner Rich Sharpstine and Mike Smith.

The last race of the evening were the FWD Enduro class sponsored by LeBarron Brothers Repairs and Parts. Fifteen laps went into the record books with Brain Conley leaving off from last week with another win and his third of the 2006 season. Conley started in the 7th spot but had the lead from Colby Brewer 2 laps later. No real contenders stepped up to the plate to compete with Conley as he held a sizable lead over the remaining 15 starters. Points leader, Justin McNeil(5th), moved forward as well as Kevin Patton(69) to finish 3rd and 4th. A good run for James Freeman(15th)as he held on to 4th and fifth went to Ron Daily Jr, .Tom McGlynn, Issac Byler, Bernie Wood, Ted Morseman, and Bill Clark finished 5th through 10th.

What a thrill for the thousands of fans who showed up for a great night of racing, but also for a for the best fireworks show in the north east. Track owner Vern Wasson held on to the tradition of the track by having yet another huge fireworks display started years ago by former track owner Jim Williams. All I can say is WOW!, I can’t wait for next year. The fans also had a chance of winning a record $5296 take home share of the 50/50 raffle as well. The other half will go into the driver’s point funds.

Wades Building Supply Night
Jim Williams Memorial Trophy Races and Fireworks Show
L.J. Kennedy Trucking 358 Modifieds 31 cars entered
Heats Curt VanPelt, Steve Hartman Jr., Ron Cartwright Jr., Dave Dubois
12 lap B-Main Gil Tegg Jr.
25 lap feature Curt VanPelt (3), Steve Hartman Sr., Aaron Jacobus, Gil Tegg Jr., Kevin Chilson, Donnie Lawson, Dave Dubois, Steve Hartman Jr., Larry Keegan, Don Silvernail, Herb Wright, Dale Welty, Don Lawson, Frank Dunning, Kenny Peoples Jr., Mark Kline, Bryan Terwilliger, Roger Williams, Ron Cartwright, Billy VanPelt, Matt Smith, Fred Amann, Stacy Jackson, Mike Jackson,

NAPA Super Stocks 24 cars entered
Heats Ken Peoples Sr., Greg Young, Wayne Robertson
20 lap feature Wayne Robertson (1), Scott Brown, Rich Marlatt, Larry Knowles, Ken Peoples Sr., Greg Young, Glen Whritenour, Dave Davis, Greg Crooker, Bob Lubberts, Chris Clark, Joe Buck, Bob Clark, Don Guild, Jessica Pierce, Brandon Smith, Kyle Lefelhoc, Justin Longacre, Gene Galligan, Gary Archer

Morgan Auto Repair Street Stocks 26 cars entered
Heats Jeff Smith, Ken Thomas, Tony Foth,
Consi. Jim Buck
20 lap feature Dan Gordon (6), Darwin Davis, Jay Deming, Jeff Smith, Brian Knowles, Zach Sutton, Tony Foth, Rod Mullen, Gordy Price, Ron Divens, Josh Nobriga, Russell Morseman III, Mike UpDyke, Dave Yehl, Henry Maricle, Cliff Moss, Charly Resue, Phil Hall, Don Knowles, Glen Hilfrich, Jim Buck, Ken Thomas, Dewitt VanAlstine,

Signs Plus Mini Stocks 36 cars entered
Heats Bill McCourt, Ryan Davenport, Art Goodier, Rich Sharpstine
Consi. Derek Mills
20 lap feature Art Goodier (3), Bill Shea, Ryan Davenport, Brian Grant Sr., Bill McCourt, Casey Pavilik, Lynn Burrell, Bill VanEtten, Rich Sharpstine, Mike Smith, Jake Clancy, Brian Butler, Dennis Erdmann, Scott Madison, George Kels, Brett Crawford, Joe Dgien, Jason Ketrow, Brooks Leach, Brett Marlatt, Dixie Madison, Dave Carlson, Derek Mills

LaBarron Brothers Repair and Parts FWD Enduro
15 lap feature Brian Conley (3), Justin McNeil, Kevin Patton, Jamie Freeman, Ron Daily Jr., Tom McGlynn, Isaac Byler, Bernie Wood, Ted Morseman, Bill Clark, Robert Baker, James Howard, Colby Brewer, Brian Grant Jr.

S&W Awards and Photos Warriors
10 lap feature Bryce Davis (5), Shane Pickering, Dylan Potter, Tom Austin Jr., Kreg Crooker, Bryan Wilson

All total 137 cars in the pits. Record 50/50 at $5296.
Next week, July 1, 2006. Legends of Woodhull Reunion. Mid-Season Trophy Races sponsored by Triple R Farms and J&F Race Shop. Also, Terry Brewer Trucking Night.


Woodhull, NY----Curt VanPelt grabbed win #2 in the L.J.Kennedy Trucking 358 modified division Saturday night at the Woodhull Raceway. Starting from the point, he led the hard chargers to the green flag but soon found company as brother Billy worked his way to the front by lap 3. A restart on lap four has the Vanpelts battling for the top spot with Mike Jackson close on their heals. As the brothers battled it out, back in the pack, some fast movers were tearing to the front as Kevin Chilson(13th) and Bryan Terwilliger (14th) quickly entered the top five to race with Dale Welty(6) for the third spot.. Chilson’s car flew on the outside and it seemed to be the car to beat. Caution flags again became the enemy of this class as the fourth one flew when Welty spun in turn four collecting Stacy Jackson. This brought the field back together. Again, the Vanpelts were at the helm with Curt on the point for the restart and this time, a long green occurred with the top two breaking away. Nearing the end, B. Vanpelt seemed to draw close to Curt using the bottom line, but Curt had the more muscle on the straight away. C, VanPelt held on to win with Billy second. Terwilliger came in third with Chilson close behind for 4th. Good run for Ron Cartwright Jr. As he started 11th and rounded it out the top five. Two new sponsors for the 2006 season at Woodhall Raceway were on hand for the victory lane celebrations, Dan Coots Contracting and E&B Recreational Sports , both out of Bath, NY, along with Doug Gross Construction, who added additional $1000.00 to the nightly purse money in memory of Scott Dennison who was an employee. With the exception of Dylan Dewert’s win back on May 20th, the 2006 season has been the VanPelts season. It should be some great racing entering into the summer months as all the mod squad drivers will set their marks to keep these two from collecting any more trophys.

Rich Marlatt picked up his third win of the season and he quotes “One of the biggest purses in his racing career” as he beat 21 other competitors in The Annual Scott Dennison Memorial 40 lapper for the Napa Super Sports. Along with the nightly purse money , many people and businesses stepped up to the plate to sponsor additional money for each lap led. Marlatt collected 2100.00 for the laps he led in the event. Starting in the 4th spot, Marlatt quickly grabbed the lead from points leader Glenn Whritenour. Whritenour had taken the top spot from pole sitter Wayne Robertson around lap four . These three competitors soon broke away from the rest of the pack. I mistakenly had written last week that Kenny Peoples Sr. Had accepted the man or mouse challenge set up by track owner Vern Wasson, but in fact, Peoples actually accepted the challenge this week. Sorry for that Kenny, but I assure you I enjoyed watching him as well as the folks in the grandstand did as Peoples , on lap eight, made his way to 8th place after starting dead last. Tires must have been a factor though as Peoples got as high as fifth but couldn’t gain any more real estate and finished in that positon. Marlatt dominated the remaining laps and even had a sizable lead over second place finisher Whritenour. Robertson came in third and a good showing for 12th place Scott Brown again this week as he rolled over the line fourth.

Tommy (Rocker) Austin Jr. Collected his first win of the season beating five other starters in the 10 lap S&W Awards and Photos Warrior s event. Austin, starting on the pole, lead every lap, but Shane Pickering didn’t make it easy for him as he challenged Rocker several times for the lead. Pickering came in second and Bryce Davis, despite getting turned around on lap 4, salvaged a third place finish. Kreg Crooker came in fourth as Dylan Potter and Bryan Wilson rounded fifth and sixth. ( On a personal note: Rocker, I told you this was your night!! Good Job!!)

One of the bests races of the night, and most likely of the season, came in the Morgan’s Auto Repair Street Stock 20 lap feature. Pole sitter Jeff Smith, winless this year, has showed some great improvements the past few weeks in his racing program. Smith, coming into tonight’s activities, sits second in the points standing behind Dan Gordon. Winning one of three heat races of the evening, Smith showed he definitely had a good car for the feature. As luck fell to him, Smith collects pole position on the redraw. On the start , Tony Foth hammers the gas and wastes no time getting around Rodney Mullen to challenge Smith for the lead. Points leader Gordon, spins on lap 2 and with hanging debris, takes his ride pit side for some quick repairs. Gordon, who was also eligible for the man or mouse challenge but opted not to take it, stayed on the lead lap as he rejoined in the back of the field before the restart. Foth gets a round Smith a few laps after the restart and now Smith finds himself looking for that opening back to the front. Smith and Foth are side by side for many laps with only a mere touch now and then. These two drivers ran such a clean side by side race, that is would have to come down to a minor slip up from either one to lose this contest. Meanwhile, Brain Knowles and Darwin Davis have moved in the 3rd and 4th spot and have a good seat watching the event unfold ahead of them. Closing in, Knowles gets to the front runners, but can’t seem to get a good run around them. Caution flag flies to set up a 5 lap shootout. Door handle to door handle, Smith keeps his car on the high line and justs squeezes by Foth to cross the line first. Double thumbs up to not only these top runners, but for this class as they continue to give the fans a good show. Davis gets third with Knowles getting the 4th spot and rounding out the top five will be Mullen.

Bill Shea gets another win under his belt in the 20 lap Signs of Kanona Mini Stocks feature. Shea, starting fifth, worked his way to the front rather quickly. Point man Lynn Burrell, dropped back several positions as Derek Mills and Michael Smith shoots around him on lap two. Shea gets around Mills and breaks away from the rest of the field, leaving Mills and Smith to deal with Brian Grant Art Goodier, and Adam Austin. Goodier and Grant drives around Austin and Mills. Smith, who had been contending for several laps in the top five, gets spun around on the back stretch, and has to rejoin the field in the back. As Shea continues to dominate, the battles is for second as Grant and Goodier fight it out for that spot. Austin slips back to sixth at one point, but manages to finish in 4th. Grant holds on to second with Goodier right behind him for third. Derek Mills rounds out the top five position .

The final feature of the evening was the Lebarron Brothers Repair and Parts FWD Enduro 15 lapper .Todd Burgess, who has competed on the high banks of Woodhull in other divisions, captured his first win in this class of 12 starters. Starting fifth, he didn’t waste any time climbing to the point. Kevin Patton, who has seen victory lane this year as well, gets the lead from Burgess, but for only for a quick lap as Burgess retakes the lead and never looks back. Jamie Freeman starting fifth, also gets around Patton, to collect second place. Patton finishes third with last weeks winner and points leader, Justin McNeil crosses over in fourth. Colby Brewer gets the checkered for fifth spot.

Dan Coots Contracting, E&B Recreational Sports and Doug Gross Construction Night
L.J. Kennedy Trucking 358 Modifieds 29 cars entered
Heats Billy VanPelt, Donnie Lawson, Curt VanPelt
Consi Gil Tegg Jr.

25 lap feature Curt VanPelt (2), Billy VanPelt, Bryan Terwilliger, Kevin Chilson, Ron Cartwright Jr., Mike Jackson, Junior Greene, Donnie Lawson, Frank Dunning, Roger Williams, Steve Hartman Jr., Gil Tegg Jr., Aaron Jacobus, Don Lawson, Larry Keegan, Dale Welty, Stacy Jackson, Larry Doolittle, Chuck Kennison, Don Silvernail, Matt Smith, Steve Hartman Sr., Herbie Wright, John Knight
DNQ, Fred Amann, Kenny Peoples Jr., Bob Silvernail, Mark Kline, Tim Guild

NAPA Super Stocks 21 cars entered
Heats Gary Archer, Chris Clark, Wayne Robertson
40 lap Scott Dennison Memorial Event Rich Marlatt (3), Glenn Whritenour, Wayne Robertson, Scott Brown, Kenny Peoples Sr., Greg Young, Chris Clark, Larry Knowles, Joe Buck, Jessica Pierce, Gary Archer, Don Guild, Brandon Smith, Bob Clark, Kyle Lefelhoc, Greg Crooker, Dave Davis, Bob Lubberts, Gene Galligan, Mick Seeley, Chris McCann
Special Awards: Marlatt, $2100 in lap money, Whritenour $50 in lap money, Robertson $50 for Pole Position from C.P. Graph-X, $50 to Kenny Peoples Sr. for the Hard Charger Award from Joe Wilcox Performance Automatics, (16 positions) Hard Luck Award to Greg Crooker from Space Farms, $25 to Scott Brown from Lubberts Racing for the Smooth Move of the Race.
Archer, Clark and Robertson each received $50 from Garry’s Tire Service for heat wins.
Doug Gross Construction posted an additional $1,000 into the nightly purse in Memory of Scott Dennison who was an employee at the time of his death.

Morgan’s Auto Repair Street Stocks 26 cars entered
Heats Darwin Davis, Jeff Smith, Brian Knowles
20 lap feature Jeff Smith (1), Tony Foth, Darwin Davis, Brian Knowles, Rod Mullen, Jay Deming, Cliff Moss, Mike UpDyke, Ken Thomas, Dan Gordon, Don Knowles, Jared Hill, Chuck Pruden, Russell Morseman III, Phil Hall, Josh Nobriga, Glen Hilfrich, Barry Payne, Charly Resue, Dewitt VanAlstine, Butch Dibble, Zach Sutton, Henry Maricle, Jim Buck, Gordy Price, Mike Williams
Signs Plus Mini Stocks 32 cars entered
Heats Adam Austin, Derek Mills, Art Goodier
Consi Jason Ketrow
20 lap feature Bill Shea (3), Brian Grant Sr., Art Goodier, Derek Mills, Adam Austin, Casey Pavilik, Lynn Burrell, Jason Ketrow, Brett Marlatt, Scott Madison, Brooks Leach, A.J. Costley, Joe Dgien, Brian Butler, Dave Carlson, Todd Dickerson, George Kels, Steve VanEtten, Mike Smith, Dennis Erdmann, Bill VanEtten, Rick Sharpsteen, Bill McCourt, Chuck Leasure
DNQ. Chris Mills, Rich Kelly, Dave Atkinson, Tracy Dunn, Brady Snell, Will Simpson
Austin, Mills and Goodier each received $20 from Signs Plus for heat wins.
S&W Awards and Photos Warriors 6 cars entered
10 lap feature Tom Austin Jr.(1), Shane Pickering, Bryce Davis, Kreg Crooker, Dylan Potter, Bryan Wilson

LaBarron Brothers Repair and Parts FWD Enduro
15 lap feature Todd Burgess (1), Jamie Freeman, Kevin Patton, Justin McNeil, Colby Brewer, Isaac Byler, Steve Gee, Tom McGlynn, Bernie Wood, James Howard, Brian Grant Jr., Robert Baker
(Number) Next to feature winners name depicts number of feature wins in 2006
126 cars registered in 6 classes
Next Saturday, June 17 Corning Building Company and Stoll Loaders present a Regular BIG 6 Show
June 24 is the Annual Jim Williams Memorial Trophy Races and Fireworks Extravaganza sponsored by Wades Building Supply


Woodhull, NY----- Billy VanPelt made it a fourth win at the high banks of Woodhull Raceway for the 2006 season in the L.J. Kenndy Trucking 358 Modifieds. Starting back in sixth, VanPelt had some heavy hitters to contend with to get to the front. Herbie Wright, Larry Keegan, Steve Hartman Jr., Steve Hartman Sr., and point man Roger Williams all made it tough to get around. The field had several caution flags to deal with as some drivers got too impatient. Each time a restart happened, VanPelt seemed to capitalize on it. Patience was the key as in his post race interview, VanPelt commented on drivers being to fast and taking themselves out. Last week’s winner, Curt VanPelt, had to restart in the back of the field along with Keegan and Donnie Lawson, as they were caught up in a spin early on. C. VanPelt drove his way back to a top 5 finish and Lawson coming in sixth. Steve Hartman Jr. Stayed right in there to get a second place showing followed by Roger Williams. Aaron Jacobus took fifth with a respectable run as he stood his ground after coming from 11th. Larry Doolittle, and Ron Cartwright Jr. Finished seventh and eighth. Cartwright also had his troubles in the feature with going to the back as well; good run for him .Rounding out the top ten were 13th starter Kevin Chilson and Dale Welty(14th). Twenty seven cars started the 25 lap feature with only a few retiring to the pits. Representatives for Wades Farm and Home of Addison were on hand in victory lane to present the hardware to all of the class winners. Though the weather wasn’t exactly the ideal condition to be out in, the track surface was flawless.

The Napa Super Stocks took to the track with Joe Buck leading the competitors to the green. This 20 lap event with 18 starters started out pretty much with the cars keeping their lines as no position changes occurred until the first caution as points leader Glenn Whritenour and Jessica Pierce tangle in the bottom of turn four sending Whritenour on the hook with heavy rear suspension damage. Ken Peoples Sr. Grabbed the top spot from Buck on the restart. As Peoples maintain his lead throughout the event, the battle was heating up for second as Scott Brown, Wayne Robertson and Buck each wanted that spot. As the laps wound down, Peoples stayed in the top spot, but Greg Crooker, Larry Knowles and Gary Archer found themselves in the top ten as they too were driving the wheels off of their machines. Peoples crosses the line first with Brown giving a last lap effort to get second .Robertson, followed by Knowles grabs third a fourth. Rounding out the top five was Crooker.Buck held on the sixth as Dave Davis, starting 16th, and Dan Guild, 14th, came in to finish ninth and tenth .Track owner Vern Wasson’s new Man or Mouse Challenge gives Peoples a chance to start in the back of the field in next weeks feature and if successful on winning, will receive a bonus of of what the feature event would pay out. With a bit of persuasion from the crowd, Peoples hesitantly accepted the deal, thus setting up what looks like will be a great feature to watch.

The S&W Awards and Photos Warriors were next running their 10 lap feature with Bryce Davis dominating throughout most of the race. Tom Austin Jr. Ran a close second but Kreg Crooker would have none of that has he gets around Austin. Davis wins with Crooker, Austin second and third. Shane Pickering takes fourth and fifth goes to Dyalan Potter. Rounding out the field of six starters was Bryan Wilson. This is Davis’ fourth win of the 2006 season so far. This class is not eligible for the challenge as these youngsters do not compete for money, but for trophys at the end of the season.

The Morgan’s Auto Repair Street Stock 20 lap feature took to the track with a rookie leading the helm. Donny Knowles paced the field for the green flag. These classy looking cars never seemed to amaze me with their four wide action. Knowles had his hands full holding of Jeff Smith who charge from fourth to second in one lap. Several cautions occurred throughout this event with no one really getting a chance to break away from the pack. Points leader Dan Gordon and Mike Williams battled for the third spot halfway in as Smith over takes Knowles for the lead. A brief delay in the action as a mist took over the track surface to make is too slick. With some persistence from the track officials, the track was worked back into racing form and action resumed. Dan Demming, showing tremendous muscle, fought his way to get around Knowles and Smith . Williams and Gordon finally grab the top two spots and close behind comes Darwin Davis, as he snuck up in their for contention .Gordon, for the impressive fifth time this year, crosses the line first, with Williams taking second. Darwin Davis maintains third. Smith, who had faded back as far as sixth, fought his way back to a fourth place finish. Twelfth place starter, Rodney Mullen , had a good run with a fifth place completion. Cliff Moss, Ken Thomas, and Black Rock competitor Rich Sharpsteen II, finished 6th through 8th. Brian Knowles and Gordy Price rounded out the 26 field of starters with ninth and tenth.

Twenty five cars came out of the woods to start the Signs Plus of Kanona Mini Stock 20 laps event. The field had their work cut out for them as points leader Art Goodier, had the pole. Goodier wasted no time when the green flag dropped and shot ahead of the field. Two quick cautions bunched the field back up and Brian Butler and last weeks winner, Adam Austin, close in on Goodier. Austin eventually gets the second spot and sets his sights for Goodier., who mid way has maintain a sizable lead. Austin seems to use every part of the track to find that much needed bite and catches up to the leader Goodier. Four laps remaining on a restart and it’s clear to see that these two are the drivers to beat. Exciting finish as Austin takes to the high side on the last lap and powers his way around Goodier, and at one point even rubbing fenders, to get the win. Good run for Bill Shea as he finishes third with Brian Grant following in fourth. Fifth goes to Dennis Erdmann, who kept a top five spot throughout this event. Butler and Michael Smith along with Bill McCourt finished 6th through 8th. Ninth went to Brooks Leach and tenth for Bill VanEtten. Austin will be eligible next week for the Man or Mouse challenge as well.

Last but not least was the LeBarron Brothers and Parts FWD Enduro 15 lapper with Justin McNeil taking top honors again for the fourth time this season. Once McNeil got around pole sitter Tom McGlynn, he just tore away from the rest of the 10 starters and even lapped a few before the end. Kevin Patton came in second with Jaime Freeman third, McGlynn held on to fourth with fifth going to Colby Brewer. Brian Grant Jr. Bernard Wood, Ron Daily Jr. had spots sixth through 8th covered .Bill Clark came in ninth and rounding out tenth was Robert Baker .This new class of the 2006 season seems to grow every week. It’s a fun class to watch.

Wades Farm and Home of Addison Night---6-03-06
L.J. Kennedy Trucking 358 Modifieds 28 cars entered
Heats Steve Hartman Sr., Aaron Jacobus, Steve Hartman Jr.
Consi. Ron Cartwright Jr.
25 lap feature Billy VanPelt, Steve Hartman Jr., Roger Williams, Curt VanPelt, Aaron Jacobus, Donnie Lawson, Larry Doolittle, Ron Cartwright Jr., Kevin Chilson, Dale Welty, Mike Jackson, Gil Tegg Jr., Don Lawson, Stacy Jackson, Larry Keegan, Matt Smith, John Knight, Dave Dubois, Herb Wright, Mark Kline, Junior Green, Steve Hartman Sr., Bryan Terwilliger, Chuck Kennison, Tim Guild, Kenny Peoples Jr., George Kostelonski

NAPA Super Stocks 18 cars entered
Heats Glenn Whritenour, Chris Clark
20 lap feature Kenny Peoples Sr., Scott Brown, Wayne Robertson, Larry Knowles, Greg Crooker, Rich Marlatt, Joe Buck, Gary Archer, Dave Davis, Dan Guild, Greg Young, Bob Lubberts, Jessica Pierce, Brandon Smith, Chris Clark, Mick Seeley, Jamie Lefelhoc, Glenn Whritenour

Morgan’s Auto Repair Street Stocks 27 cars entered
Heats Brian Knowles, Dan Gordon, Darwin Davis
20 lap feature Dan Gordon, Mike Williams, Darwin Davis, Jeff Smith, Rod Mullen, Cliff Moss, Ken Thomas, Rich Sharpsteen II, Brian Knowles, Gordy Price, Chuck Pruden, Jim Buck, Zach Sutton, Phil Hall, Mike UpDyke, Henry Maricle, Butch Dibble, Josh Nobriga, Charly Resue, Donnie Knowles, Nick Robinson, Jay Deming, Glen Helfrich, Tony Foth, Russell Morseman III, Car #82

Signs Plus Mini Stocks 27 cars entered
Heats Adam Austin, Dennis Erdmann, Derek Mills
20 lap feature Adam Austin, Art Goodier, Bill Shea, Brian Grant Sr., Dennis Erdmann, Brian Butler, Michael Smith, Bill McCourt, Brooks Leach, Bill VanEtten, Scott Madison, Lynn Burrell, Nate Austin, Brett Marlatt, A.J. Costley, Chuck Leach, Jason Ketrow, Todd Dickerson, Casey Pavlik, Dixie Madison, Chris Mills, Dave Carlson, Joe Dgien, Josh Watson, Derek Mills, George Kels, Rick McDaniels, Tracy Dunn

S&W Awards and Photos Warriors 6 cars entered
10 lap feature Bryce Davis, Kreg Crooker, Tom Austin Jr., Shane Pickering, Dylan Potter, Bryan Wilson

LaBarron Brothers Repair and Parts FWD Enduro 10 cars entered
15 lap feature Justin McNeil, Kevin Patton, Jamie Freeman, Tom McGlynn, Colby Brewer, Brian Grant Jr., Bernie Wood, Ron Daily Jr, Bill Clark, Robert Baker


A great night to have two new sponsors at the Woodhull Raceway as All Season Tire and Butters Homes got to witness a great night of action The L.J. Kennedy Trucking 358 Modified’s 25 lap feature came to the line with Mike Jackson on the point with 25 others breathing down his neck. Jackson held on to the lead over Steve Hartman Jr., Aaron Jacobus, Brian Terwilliger, as the caution waved at lap 5.Jacobus had a really fast car all night as he stayed in the top ten. A repeat from last week as the field of cars were plagued by steady cautions early on. These cautions didn’t help Jackson any because brothers Billy and Curt VanPelt were on a tear to the front. Jacobus fought hard to hold off C.Vanpelt for second, but lost that position and eventually slipped back. C.VanPelt took over the lead on lap 17 and soon B. VanPelt followed suite dropping Jackson back to third.A good battle for 10th spot as Kenny Peoples Jr., Gil Tegg, and Kevin Chilson raced hard to get to the front. Stacy Jackson, starting 12th, had a great run as he finished in the top 5. B. Vanpelt had his hands full to the checked flag as brother Curt stayed right with him, sometimes side by side in the corners. Crossing the line was B. VanPelt, C. Vanpelt and M.Jackson. Terwilliger finished an impressive 4th as S. Jackson was right on his tail finishing in the 5th. Position. Hartman Jr., even though had slipped back in the field, fought his way back and had a 6th place spot. Jacobus finished in his starting spot of 7th and Steve Hartman Sr., starting 18th, battled to ninth. Gil Tegg rounded out the 10th spot. Track owner Vern Wasson has issued a challenge to Billy VanPelt for next weeks show. Because VanPelt has 2 wins in a row, Wasson has challenged him to start dead last in next weeks feature and if he should win, will pocket an additional $500.00.Note that next weeks show will be double points. VanPelt has accepted the challenge; so this will be one for the records books should he get the checkered flag.

The Morgan’s Auto Repair Street Stocks ran a special 30 lapper with Brian Knowles leading a field of 24 classy looking cars. Tony Foth wasted no time getting the top spot after the green flag waved over the machines. Foth held on the lead until around lap 10 when Dan Gordon and Black Rock regular Tim Gullo started knocking on the door for the top spot. Last weeks winner, Gordon, gets around Foth for the lead and pulls ahead of the rest of the field. A halfway caution bunches the cars back up and Gordon finds Knowles and Gullo ready to pounce. Jay Deming had a good run as he too finds himself in the top five with the laps winding down. Foth battled Gullo for third spot but ends up dropping back some towards the end. Gordon wins as Gullo takes 2nd followed by Knowles. Deming has the 4th spot with Ken Thomas right in the mix topping the 5th position. Foth, was 6th with 17th starter Jeff Smith crossing over in 7th. Rod Mullen slips back from 4th starting spot, but holds on to 8th. Rounding out 9th and 10th were Gordie Price and Don Knowles. Gordon was also offered the challenge as a repeat winner, but has decided to think it over for next week.

20 laps was the distance for the 16 starting Napa Super Stocks. Heat winner Wayne Robertson sat on the point as the field took the green flag and right away a caution flies when last weeks feature winner, Glenn Whritenour, spins, sending him to the rear on the restart. Larry Knowles takes the lead as pole sitter Robertson goes pit side with a flat tire. Action resumes as Knowles maintains his lead over Chris Clark with fast movers Kenny Peoples and Scott Brown battling for 3rd. Whritenour wastes no time getting back to the front as he and 15th starter Dave Davis finds themselves in the top six halfway. Restart on lap 7 has Peoples challenging Knowles for the lead. Brown manages to catch Peoples for second as Knowles’s lead stretches almost a half a straightaway. Good run for Greg Young(5th) as he stayed in the top five throughout the feature and finished 4th behind Knowles, Brown, and Peoples. Clark gets the 5th position as Whritenour holds on for 6th. Good run for Bob Lubberts(14th), Mick Seeley(12th) and Jessica Pierce(4) as these three drivers completed 20 laps 7th through 9th; with Robertson battling back after the early pit stop getting the 10th spot.

Dennis Erdmann (pole) and Art Goodier(2) led the Signs Plus of Kanona Mini Stocks for their 20 lap feature. Twenty six minis got the green flag with Goodier jumping in the lead. A good round of different positions being tossed around as Bill Shea (9th) sets his sights for the laed as he tears up through the field. Goodier really has his hands full as Shea is like a pesky bee that won’t go way. It seems the more Goodier swats, the more aggressive Shea gets. Halfway through, Goodier still has the lead with Shea and Erdmann close behind. These three drivers get a break away from the rest of the field. Battling hard to the front finds three drivers, Brian Grant, (11th), Todd Dickerson(18th), and Adam Austin(24th) now in the mix for the top ten with 5 laps to go. Shea still presses Goodier for the lead but each time, Goodier drives him low to the bottom going into turn one, thus making Shea back off. Caution waves as Erdmann gets turned around. Goodier loses the lead on the restart as Shea finally gets around Goodier for the win. Great racing by both drivers. Grants takes 4th as Joe Dgien climbs from 8th to 4th followed by Dickerson. Last weeks winner, Austin, placed 5th after starting 24th. Good run for Scott Madison as he came away with the 6th spot; as well as AJ Costly, in his Ford pickup, finishing 7th after starting fifteenth. Jason Ketrow(16th) and Casey Pavlick (23) also had an impressive run finishing 9th and 10th. ( Note: Brett Marlatt (16 years old) started for the first time in the 4 cyl. class with his first ever heat win. Marlatt moved up the ranks from the S&W Awards and Photos Warriors.)

Bryce Davis visited victory lane for the second week in a row racing Craig Crooker for the lead halfway into their 10 lap feature. The Signs Plus of Kanona Warriors started with 5 drivers with Crooker leading them to the line. With Davis close behind, Tom Austin Jr. snuck in there and these three youngsters battled each other for half of the race. Austin loses his 3rd position when he hits the wall hard in turn four, sending to the pits with right side damage. Davis picks up the win after 2 laps later with Crooker second. Dylan Potter started 3rd and ended there as well. Austin and Shane Pickering had to go to the pits and was credited with 4th and 5th .

A first time winner at the high banks of Woodhull Raceway went to Justin McNeil in the new class Lebarron Brothers Repair and Parts FWD Enduro. McNeil took the lead right from the get go went flag to flag for their 15 lap event. Issac Byler finished second with Bill Clark third. Brian Grant Jr. was 4th with Tim Christian crossing over in fifth. Tom McGllnn rounded out the sixth and final starting spot after a trip over the back stretch. Even though only six cars started the race, at least 15 more have been registered to compete in this up and coming class.

Double thumbs up to Vern Wasson and his crew for making the track surface dust free and smooth for the drivers to compete on. Track announcer, Kenny Shupp, even commented on how his feet were coming out of his shoes. Tacky makes traction. GOOD JOB!!

All Season and Butters Homes Night
L.J. Kennedy Trucking 358 Modifieds- 25 laps
Heats- Billy VanPelt, Steve Hartman Jr., Mike Jackson
Feature- BILLY VANPELT, Curt Vanpelt, Mike Jackson, Bryan Terwilliger, Stacy Jackson, Steve Hartman Jr., Aaron Jacobus, Steve Hartman Sr., Dale Welty, Gil Tegg

Napa Super Stocks- 20 laps
Heats-Wayne Roberson, Larry Knowles
Feature- LARRY KNOWLES, Scott Brown, Ken Peoples Sr., Greg Young, Chris Clark, Glen Whritenour, Bob Lubberts, Mick Seeley, Jessica Pierce, Wayne Robertson

Morgan’s Auto Repair Street Stock Special 30 laps
Heats-Tim Gullo, Dan Gordon, Brian Knowles
Feature- DAN GORDON, Tim Gullo, Brian Knowles, Jay Deming, Ken Thomas, Tony Foth, Jeff Smith, Rod Mullen, Gordie Price, Don Knowles

Signs Plus of Kanona Mini Stocks- 20 laps
Heats- Derek Mills, Brett Marlatt, Bill Shea
Feature- BILL SHEA, Art Goodier, Brian Grant, Joe Dgien, Todd Dickerson, Adam Austin, Scott Madison, AJ Costly, Jason Ketrow, Casey Pavlick

S&W Award and Photos Warriors- 10 laps
Feature- BRYCE DAVIS, Craig Crooker, Dylan Potter, Tom Austin Jr., Shane Pickering

Lebarron Brothers Repair and Parts FWD Enduro-15 laps
Feature- JUSTIN McNEIL, Isaac Byler, Bill Clark, Brian Grant Jr., Tim Christian, Tom McGlynn


Woodhull, NY- Billy VanPelt walked away Saturday night with victory # 2 in the T-3 All Star Series presented by Troyer Race Cars at the high banks of Woodhull Raceway. This is the series second race of the season and the first of two appearances as well at the famed track. VanPelt also captured the first win for the mods 2 weeks ago at Blackrock. Speedway. Domination was the name of the game for this driver as once he took the lead away from Stacy Jackson, he pretty much kept a sizable lead over the other 31 starters. S. Jackson and Ron Cartwright Jr. Had their battle as well as the two fought hard for the second place spot. Cautions plagued the field early on but finally a rhythm was established. Several back starters had impressive runs to the front as Gil Tegg (15th), Roger Williams(8th), Mike Jackson(17th), Kevin Chilson(14th), Ron White(25th), Donnie Lawson(27th) finished in the top ten. Front row starter Aaron Jacobus slid back to 8th but still had a great run among all these top hard chargers. 33 laps was the distance and the top prize earned $1200.00. Series promoters Ken and Mary Shupp were on hand in victory lane to present VanPelt with a beautiful 6’ 5 “ trophy. The night’s sponsors, Knight Settlement Sand and Gravel and Machuga Contractors were also on hand to present plaques for all the winners. A sigh of relief for new track owner Vern Wasson as last week’s activities were put on hold do to inclement weather. Even though the night air was chilly, that didn’t seem to stop the crowd as an impressive show of support for all the drivers was evident in the stands. Next weeks events will start the points chase for the regular 358 Dirt Modifieds.

Also on the card was the Signs of Kanona Mini Stock 30 lap special. Dennis Erdmann led 25 anxious drivers to the green flag to start a great mini stock battle. Adam Austin showed a lot of muscle in the corners as his car just stuck to the track. Austin as well as Ryan Davenport, Erdmann, fast movers Art Goodier and Bill Shea, all stayed close together with swapping of positions by all. Midway, lap cars became a factor as Shea gets around Davenport. Austin and Davenport get a few car length advantage nearing the completion of this event. Brian Grant(14th) clawed his way to the front and raced with Erdmann and Goodier. Austin finished first with Shea close second. Davenport slid by in third with Goodier, Erdmann, and Grant following in that order. AJ Costly, Joe Dgien, Derek Mills, and Bill McCourt rounded out the top ten.

The Napa Super Stocks took to the track with Chris Clark in his beautiful looking car leading the pack. 20 laps was the distance for these 19 racers as Clark, Glenn Writenour, and Bob Clark fought for the lead. Writenour’s new super stock was very impressive as he powered to the top in a hurry. Hard driving by Clark as he tried several times on the high side to get a good bite to get around Writenour. A good run for Donnie Guild as he stayed in the gas to keep ahead of hard charging Ken Peoples Sr.(7th) and Larry Knowles(18th) .Wayne Robertson stayed in the top 10 as well. Rich Marlott(15th) in a new ride and Greg Crooker(17) battled hard and finished the front 10 along with Scott Brown who slid a few spots back. Writnour collected the win Chris Clark second. Too bad for Bob Clark as he had a strong racer but was sent to the pit with mechanical problems. Guild was third as 12th starter Greg Young made an impressive fourth place finish.

The street stocks sponsored by Morgan’s Auto Repair ran their 20 lapper with Dan Gorgon capturing the top spot. Gordon and Brian Knowles raced each other hard all night. Gordon, starting fifth, had the top spot by lap 2. David Morter (first time driver ) kept second spot ahead of Knowles until a mishap with Tony Foth. Morter was put on the hook and racing resumed with Gordon and Knowles pulling away from the field. Knowles had to settle for second place. Ninth place Josh Nobriga, finished third ahead of Ken Thomas. Don Knowles(12th) rounded out the top five. Foth (10th) who even though endured some trouble, held on to seventh place .Henry Miracle out of retirement, came from 15th to finish eighth. Phil Hall and seventh starter Cliff Moss9 in a new car this year0 rounded out the top ten. But the most impressive hard charger of the street stocks was Jeff Smith (Wild Thing). This river really had no idea what his car would do as in his heat race, he only made one lap as his car apparently was having fuel pickup problems as well as in his hot lapping session. (1 Lap) Smith started dead last among 21 starters and grabbed and impressive sixth place finish.

S&W Awards and Photos sponsored Warriors was won by Bryce Davis. Davis started sixth but grabbed the lead on lap six. Davis had to race hard to get the top spot as Tom Austin Jr. and Craig Crooker also wanted the lead. Crooker finished second ahead of Austin Jr. Shane Pickering , Brett Marlatt and Dylan Potter rounded out the top six.

A new class this year at the Woodhull Raceway as the LaBarron Brothers Repair FWD Enduro Class took to the high banks for it’s in augural 15 lap event. Eight cars took the green flag with Justin McNeil leading the way. It was fun watching these cars scoot around the track and actually for a new class, these driver’s really seem to get a hang of the track as impressive passing by Brian Conley and Dave Fink. The field pretty much stayed in line as the second half the feature wound down. Sixth place starter Conley, took the lead and stretched to a half a straight away eventually winning the 15 lap feature. Fink crossed the line second followed by McNeil. Tom McGlynn, Isaac Byler and Kevin Patton finished fourth through sixth. Brian Grant Jr. rounded out the seventh place position. More cars are expected as the season unfolds.

Knight Settlement Sand and Gravel and Machuga Contractors Night
T-3 All Star Series 358 Modifieds 33 laps
BILLY VANPELT, Ron Cartwright Jr, Stacy Jackson, Gil Tegg, Roger Williams, Mike Jackson, Kevin Chilson, Aaron Jacobus, Ron White, Donnie Lawson
Heats- Frank Dunning, Steve Hartman Jr., Chuck Kennison, Billy VanPelt
B-Main Kenny Peoples Jr.

Napa Super Stocks 20 lap
GLENN WRITENOUR, Chris Clark, Donnie Guild, Greg Young, Ken Peoples Sr., Larry Knowles, Wayne Robertson, Rich Marlatt, Scott brown, Greg Crooker
Heats – Joe Buck, Glenn Writenour, Larry Knowles

Morgan's Auto Repair Street Stocks 20 laps
DAN GORDON, Brian Knowles, Josh Nobriga. Ken Thomas, Don Knowles, Jeff Smith, Tony Foth, Henry Miracle, Phil Hall, Cliff Moss
Heats- Tony Foth, Dan Gordon, Brian Knowles

Signs Plus of Kanona Mini Stocks 30 laps
ADAM AUSTIN, Bill Shea, Ryan Davenport, Art Goodier, Dennis Erdmann, Brian Grant, AJ Costly, Joe Dgien, Derek Mills, Bill McCourt
Heats-Bill VanEtten, Adam Austin, Art Goodier

S&W Awards and Photos Warriors 10 laps
BRYCE DAVIS,Craig Crooker,Tom Austin Jr., Shane Pickering, Brett Marlatt, Dylan Potter

LeBarron Brothers Repair and Parts FWD Enduro 15 laps
BRIAN CONLEY, Dave Fisk, Justin McNeil, Tom McGlynn, Isaac Byler, Kevin Patton, Brian Grant Jr.

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