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Due to heavy rains Middleford Speedway Mod-Lite and Microsprint racing for Friday 9/15 has been cancelled. Mod-Lites, Mod-Lite Jrs., 250, 270 and 600cc Microsprint racing returns on Friday 9/22. Gates open at 4p.m., Racing at 7.


TUSA Mod-Lites, Mod-Lite Jrs. plus 250 stock, 270 and 600cc Microsprints on the 1/5 mile clay oval. Heat races for all classes; 15-lap feature for Mod-Lite Jrs, 20 laps for 250 and 270 Micros and a 25-lap feature for 600 Micros. Double points for TUSA Mod-Lites.

Come out to watch last weeks winners Tyler Reed (250), Ronnie Hays Jr., Brent Sutton, Steve White and Tyler Reed (Mod-Lite Jr.) take on a tough field of Middleford Speedway regulars. Gates open at 4 p.m., Racing at 7.


A few weeks ago Brent Sutton was sweating, welding a new front clip onto his white number 3 600 microsprint. Friday night he was driving that same car to victory at Middleford Speedway in one of the most exciting 25-lap main events of the year.

Sutton started on the pole by virtue of his victory in the first heat race. He lead every lap, but that doesn't come close to explaining how exciting this race was. "Nitro" Nick Sapp started in the sixth spot and found speed in the high groove, eventually working his way up to the second spot. From there he began his assault on Sutton actually taking the lead, but a yellow flag wiped out that pass. On the ensuing restart Sapp failed to fire and dropped back through the pack. Scotty The Hammer" Smith was next to take his shots at Sutton, pulling even with him on the backstretch on two consecutive laps; however Sutton would not be shaken and went on to take his first career victory.
600 FEATURE 1. 3 Brent Sutton 2. 20 Scotty Smith 3. 98 Glenn Heverin 4. 88 Andy Best
5. 97 Kenny Vincent 6. 29 Nitro Nick Sapp 7. 68N Chris Neibert 8. 7J Ronnie Joseph
9. 9 Jason Warfield 10. 7W Shawn Ward 11. 29R Racing Randy Oswald 12. 91 Jeremy Jay Dogg Lynch 13. 2X John Pruitte 14. 8M Mark Maloney 15. 15 Ryan Chism
DNF - 17 Bruce Hibbs Jr, 19 Jason Warfield, 14 Matt Minton, 6H Mark Hargott,
11S A J Mitchell, 38D David Gingerich, 55C Ron Crossley

Ronnie Hays Jr. was a DNF in the 270 feature last time out at Middleford. This week the 270 point leader was back to form winning the 20-lap main. Dylan McMahon had his strongest run ogf the year running his 250 against the 270' and finishing fourth.
270 FEATURE 1. 27 Ronny Hays Jr. 2. 15 Ryan Wozunk 3. 77 Ryan Chism
4. 79 Dylon McMahon 5. 29 Ken Lester 6. 68J Robert Messick
DNF - 4 Charles Cobourn, 20H Eric Heath

Luke Thomas has been dominating the 250 class of late. But this Friday's 20-lap 250 main belonged to Tyler Reed in the 38 Special. Reed took the lead at the opoening green and led the entire distance.
250 FEATURE 1. 38sp Tyler Reed 2. 8X Cameron Merriman 3. 2T Luke Thomas
4. 24 Brandon Ash 5. 79 Dylon McMahon 6. 4 Jace Wilkerson 7. 55 Mark Landwher

Steve White has owned the Mod Lite division at Middleford Speedway and this Friday night was no different. Early in the race his teammate Richie Wilson was able to get close and later in the race Brandon Dennis tried to mount a charge, but the 20-lapper was all Steve White.
MOD LITE FEATURE 1. 1W Steve White 2. 10 Brandon Denis 3. 1 Richie Wilson
4. 21 Kirk Miles 5. 38 Russell Dadds 6. 96 Ron Jarrell DNF - 77 Jody Cahall

Justin Breeding has led a strong group of young drivers in the Mod Lite Jr. division this year. However, Tyler Reed is an emerging star and won his second straight main event Friday night. Breeding made a strong run fron his back row starting postion to finish second.
JR MOD LITE FEATURE 1. 72 Tyler Reed 2. 27 Justin Breeding 3. 21 Curtis Miles Jr.
4. 13K Kristin Keys 5. 15 Scott Hitchens 6. 8 Ty Short 7. 711 Alan Parks
DNF - 3 Brandon Mullins, 946 Kyle Cole, 22W Jimmy Wills, 91 Donald Ackenbrock


TUSA Mod-Lites, Mod-Lite Jrs. plus 250 stock, 270 and 600cc Microsprints on the 1/5 mile clay oval. Heat races for all classes; 15-lap feature for Mod-Lite Jrs, 20 laps for 250 and 270 Micros and a 25-lap feature for 600 Micros.
The torrid points battle continues between Nick Sapp, Drew Richmond and Scotty Smith in the 600 Micros. See if someone can stop Steve White's winning streak in the Mod Lites. Gates open 4 p.m. Racing at 7.

Middleford Speedway Friday Night August 25, 2006

Drew RichmondT won the battle and made big progress in the 600 Micro war at Middleford Speedway Friday night. Drew won his heat, started the 25-lap main event from the pole and led wire to wire to take the victory. Ricmond; sitting third in points took the win while first and second place points runners Nick Sapp and Scotty Smith sat on the infield. Both fell out of the main event early and allowed Richmond to make a big gain in the points. Kenny Vincent, Chris Neibert, Brent Sutton and Justin Jones all had their best recent runs and rounded out the top five.

600 FEATURE 1. 81 Drew Richmond 2. 97 Kenny Vincent 3. 68N Chris Neibert 4. 3 Brent Sutton 5. 7 Justin Jones 6. 14 Matt Minton 7. 9 Jon Warfield 8. 19G Joey Startt 9. 37 Larney Johnson 10. 19 Jason Warfield 11. 29R "Rancin" Randy Oswald 12. 7W Shawn Ward 13. 98 Glenn Heverin 14. 8M Mark Maloney 15. 7J Ronnie Joseph DNF - 17 Bruce "Hollywood" Hibbs, 29 "Nitro" Nick Sapp, 91 Jeremy "Jay Dogg" Lynch, 20 Scotty Smith, 38D David Gingerich, 6H Mark Hargott

Luke Thomas had a career night at Middleford last Friday, winning two features in one night. This week he picked up where he left off winning the 250 feature. Tyler Reed finished second. Cameron Merriman and Kyle Lloyd came back from a heat race tangle to finish third and fourth.
250 FEATURE 1. 2T Luke Thomas 2. 38sp Tyler Reed 3. 8X Cameron Merriman
4. 70L Kyle Lloyd 5. 4 Jace Wilkerson DNF - 79 Dylon McMahon

Charles Coburn had a night every driver dreams of. The veteran 270 Micro driver was able to record the first feature win of his career. Second place finisher Josh Rohlman was able to make a big gain in the points as point leader Ronnie Hays Jr. dropped from the event on lap 9.
270 FEATURE 1. 4 Charles Cobourn 2. 3J Josh Rohlman 3. 77 "Racin" Randy Oswald
4. 70L Kyle Lloyd 5. 20H Eric Heath 6. 79 Dylon McMahon 7. 29 Ken Lester
8. 11 Noah Baker 9. 15 Ryan Wozunk DNF - 27 Ronny Hays Jr., 68J Robert Messick, 3D Mike Baker

There were a few new faces in the Mod-Lite field, but the results were the same. Steve White in the Durham Racing no. 1W took the victory. The feature, scheduled for 20-laps was caution-filled and checkered at lap 12. Richie Wilson finished second, Kirk Miles third.
MOD LITE FEATURE 1. 1W Steve 2. 1 Richie Wilson 3. 21 Kirk Miles
4. 38 Russell Dadds 5. 1J Bobby Walls DNF - 96 Ron Jarrell, 10 Brandon Denis, 1S Mike Straton, 77 Jody Cahall

Tyler Reed did something that no one else has been able to do recently; beat Justin Breeding in a Mod-Lite Jr. race at Middleford Speedway. Tyler had just taken the lead in the main the previous week when he spun. This week there were no problems as Reed pulled away from the field on every restart and took the dominating win. Scott Hitchens finished second, Curtis Miles Jr. third
JR. MOD LITE FEATURE 1. 72 Tyler Reed 2. 15 Scott Hitchens 3. 21 Curtis Miles Jr.
4. 8 Ty Short DNF - 22W Jimmy Wills, 27 Justin Breeding, 3 Brandon Mullins, 711 Alan Parks, 91 Donald Ackenbrock, 13K Kristin Keys, 946 Kyle Cole

Middleford Speedway Friday, Aug 25

TUSA Mod-Lites, Mod-Lite Jrs. plus 250 stock, 270 and 600cc Microsprints on the 1/5 mile clay oval. Heat races for all classes; 15-lap feature for Mod-Lite Jrs, 20 laps for 250 and 270 Micros and a 25-lap feature for 600 Micros.

See if Steve White and Justin Breeding can continue their winning streaks in Mod-Lites and Jrs. Can Luke Thomas repeat his two feature wins in one night performance? See "Nitro" Nick Sapp defend his point lead against Scotty Smith, Glenn Heverin, Drew Richmond, Bruce Hibbs, Jr. and all the other 600 stars at Middleford Speedway Friday night.

Middleford Speedway Results Fri. 8/18

What a difference a week made for Luke Thomas at Middleford Speedway Friday night. Last week he was on his way to a wire to wire win in the 250 stock micro class when his motor went sour on the white flag lap, handing the win to Cameron Merriman. This week Thomas ran his Thomas Family Farms no. 2T 250 micro in both the 250 class and 270. All Thomas did was go undefeated for the evening; he won both his heat race and feature in both classes.

250 Micro Feature 1. 2T Luke Thomas 2. 70L Kyle Lloyd 3. 8X Cameron Merriman 4. 4 Jace Wilkerson 5. 79 Dylan McMahon

1. 2T Luke Thomas 2. 15 Ryan Wozunk 3. 3D Mike Baker 4. 27 Ronny Hays Jr. 5. 3J Josh Rohlman 6. 20H Eric Heath 7. 4 Charles Cobourn 8. 29 Ken Lester
DNF - 11 Scott Baker, 70L Kyle Lloyd, 68J Robert Messick
DNS - "Racing" Randy Oswald JR.

"Nitro" Nick Sapp protected his point lead in the 600 Micro class in the best way possible -- he won the 25 lap main event. Jon Warfield had a strong early run, jumping to the lead from the pole. Warfield's run ended with mechanical problems on lap nine. Sapp took over from there, but his run to the finish was not without excitement. On a restart late in the race Sapp and Bruce "Hollywood" Hibbs Jr. came off of turn to side by side and within a whisker of making contact. Both cars went sideways with Sapp able to recover and Hibbs going around. From there Sapp his Shirey's Auto Sales no.29 on to victory over Scotty "The Hammer" Smith.

600 FEATURE 1. 29 "itro" Nick Sapp 2. 20 Scotty Smith 3. 29R "Racing" Randy Oswald 4. 7W Shawn Ward 5. 14 Matt Minton 6. 7 Justin Jones 7. 97 Kenny Vincent 8. 17 "Hollywood" Bruce Hibbs Jr. 9. 98 Glenn Heverin 10. 6H Mark Hargott 11. 38D David Gingerich 12. 68N Chris Neibert 13. 19 Jason Warfield 14. 3 Brent Sutton
DNF - 81 Drew Richmond, 8M Mark Maloney, 9 Jon Warfield, 55 Brian Robbins, 15 Steve Sorenson
DNS - 91 Jeremy "Jay Dogg" Lynch, 88 Andy Best

Justin Breeding has owned the Mod-Lite Jr. class in recent weeks. He got another victory Friday night, but it didn't come without a challenge. Tyler Reed was having one of his best runs of the season, but just after taking the early lead of the event Reed got sideways off of turn four and collected the 0J car of CJ Faison. The seas parted and Justin Breeding found himself in the lead once again. From there Breeding drove his no.27 on to victory over Faison in the Delaware Auto Exchange 0J car, who was able to recover from the early yellow to take second.

1. 27 Justin Breeding 2. OJ CJ Faison 3. 22W Jimmy Wills 4. 13K Kristin Keys 5. 72 Tyler Reed 6. 8 Ty Short 7. 21 Curtis Miles Jr. 8. 91 Donald Ackenbrock
DNF - 711 Alan Parks

Last week Brandon Dennis took advantage of the absense of Mod Lite dominator Steve White. This week White was back with his no. 1W and the results were no different than previous weeks as White took the 20-lap victory. Dennis found some bite in the high groove of the 1/5 mile clay oval and was able to close within a car length of White but was able to get no closer and had to settle for second.

1. 1W Steve White 2. 10 Brandon Denis 3. 1 Richie Wilson 4. 21 Kirk Miles
DNF - 77 Jody Cahall DNS - 96 Ron Jarrell

Middleford Speedway Friday Night

Friday night Aug. 18 -- 250 Stock, 270 and 600cc Micro Sprints plus Jr. and Sr. Mod-Lites sanctioned by TUSA on the 1/5 mile clay oval. Gates open at 4 p.m., racing at 7 p.m. For more info go to

Middleford Speedway Results Aug 11

Mike Baker was able to put together back-to-back wins in the 270 division in July at Middleford Speedway, and this past Friday night he was able to return to his winning ways over Charles Coburn and Ronnie Hays Jr. This ended Hays' 3-race winning streak.
270 FEATURE 1. 3D Mike Baker 2. 4 Charles Cobourn 3. 27 Ronny Hays Jr.
4. 15 Ryan Wozunk 5. 2T Luke Thomas 6. 3J Josh Rohlman 7. 20H Eric Heath DNF - 70L Kyle Lloyd, 77 Randy Oswald, 68J Robert Messick

Cameron Merriman was resigned to a second place finish in the 250 Stock main event until the two-to-go sign came out and leader Luke Thomas' no.2T motor began to sound sick. Merriman caught Thomas at the white flag and was able to drive away to the victory.
250 FEATURE 1. 8X Cameron Merriman 2. 2T Luke Thomas 3. 79 Dylon McMahon
4. 70L Kyle Lloyd
Zack Alspach made his first-ever visit to Middleford count as he was able to take the 25-lap 600cc Micro main event. It was also the first Micro win of Alspach's career. He was able to survive an early race scare, losing the lead to Bruce Hibbs Jr in lapped traffic. However a yellow flag came out as Hibbs made the pass, so the scoring reverted to the previous lap putting Alspach back into the lead which he never relinquished.
600 FEATURE 1. 67 Zack Alspach 2. 17 Bruce Hibbs Jr. 3. 29 "Nitro" Nick Sapp
4. 6 Eric Vent 5. 29R Randy Oswald 6. 81 Drew Richmond 7. 14 Matt Minton
8. 88 Andy Best 9. 68N Chris Neibert 10. 6H Mark Hargott 11. 19 Jason Warfield
12. 20 Scotty Smith 13. 8M Mark Malloney
DNF - 55 Brian Robbins, 3 Brent Sutton, 76 Trevor Alspach, 7 Justin Jones,
15 Steve Sorenson, 8 Chad Clark, 19G Joey Startt, 7W Shawn Ward

Justin Breeding drove his Rob Breeding Roll Off Containers no.27 to a wire-to-wire victory in the Mod-Lite Jr. division . CJ Faison came from a back row starting spot to pressure Breeding on a couple of restarts, however Breeding was able to pull away each time and take the comfortable victory. Tyler Reed finished third, followed by Kristen Keys and Jimmy Wills rounding out the top five.
Jr. MOD LITE FEATURE 1. 27 Justin Breeding 2. OJ CJ Faison 3. 72 Tyler Reed 4. 13K Kristin Keys 5. 22W Jimmy Wills 6. 3 Brandon Mullins 7. 8 Ty Short 8. 21 Curtis Miles Jr.
9. 946 Kyle Cole DNF - 91 Donald Ackenbrack
Steve White and his no 1W Mod-Lite has owned the Mod-Lite Sr. division at Middleford this season; however Steve and the Al White racing team were competing in a TUSA regional event in Indiana this weekend. This left the door open for a new winner in the Mod-Lite division and Brandon Dennis driving the Do-It-All Construction no.10 was able to take advantage as he captured the Mod-Lite feature. Russell Dadd's had his strongest run the year as he was able to make a couple of runs at Dennis late in the race and finish second.
MOD LITE FEATURE 1. 10 Brandon Dennis 2. 38 Russell Dadds 3. 75 Mike Stratton
DNF - 77 Jody Cahall DNS - OJ CJ Faison
Pit Notes: Mike Calinoff, spotter for NASCAR Nextel Cup driver David Stremme was on hand at Middleford Speedway Friday Night. Calinoff owns a driver development firm and was scouting 600 Micro competitor Bruce Hibbs Jr and Mod-Lite Jr. driver CJ Faison. Brent Sutton Sr. informed that his son Brent Jr. spent the entire week putting a new front clip on the team's no.3 600 Micro. Brent Sr. was quick to point out that 15 year old Brent Jr did all of his own welding on the repair.

Middleford Speedway Friday Night presented by A.E. Pest Control

This week's action at Middleford Speedway will include 250 Stock, 270 and 600 cc Microsprints. Also going to the post will be Modified Lites under TUSA (Team USA) sanction. Mod Lites have two classes; one for Jr. drivers (12-15yrs) who drive machines with 600 cc sealed motors, 1100 and 1200cc motors power Sr. Mod-Lite for drivers 15yrs and up.

AE Pest Control will offer $25 to heat race winners in the 250 stock class. All divisions will run 8-lap heat races. Mod-Lite Jrs. will run a 15-lap main event. 20-lap main events are on tap for 250 Stock, 270 Micros and Mod-Lite Srs. The evening will be capped off by a 25-lap main for 600 Micros.

Fans are eager to see if the 600's can put on another show llike they did in last week's wild 25-lap affair. Winner Drew Richmond came out of the 5th starting slot. The remainder of the top 5 -- Nick Sapp, Genn Heverin, Kevin Darling and Scotty Smith all came from the back of the pack as a result of starting position or recovering from early cautions.

Gates at Middleford Speedway open at 4 p.m. Friday night with racing action beginning at 7.

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