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By Terry Whetstone, Public Relations

CLEARFIELD, PA - It was Siegel Engraving Trophy night at Gamblers Raceway Park Friday night, as Jim Parson Jr. of Bellwood picked up his first career late model win at the Clearfield oval on his birthday.
Other winners included Denny Curry of Clearfield in the street stocks and Jason Peters of Clearfield in the pure stocks. The small block modifieds and the four cylinder wild cards were rained out and will be made up this coming Friday night.
The late model feature was close and exciting the entire race, as Jim Parson, Jr. and TJ Fleck led the field to the start with Parson taking the lead and setting the pace. As he was leading, he had heavy pressure from Rick Lias, George Fultz, Waylon Wagner and Luke Hoffner.
On lap 18, Fultz, who started eighth, moved to the outside and took the lead from Parson. At this point, Hoffner moved to third, behind Parson. The race continued with the top four in a tight race for the win with Fultz crossing the line first. Upon crossing the scales Fultz was 61 pounds light thus giving the win to Parson. Second was Waylon Wagner, third was too close to call and was given to Cody Schultz and Luke Hoffner with Lias fifth. Heat wins went to John Brady and Rick Lias.
The street stock feature was led to the start by Tommy Williams and Doug Tibbens with Tibbens leading at the start. He set the pace for several laps with Dan Gill second and Denny Curry third. On lap seven Gill pitted, giving second to Curry who began to push for the lead. On lap 10 Curry managed to take the lead from Tibbens with Rick Hemphill, Emory Rinehart Jr., Dan Smeal and Gary Little fighting for the win, but only one driver was taking the victory and that was Curry who held on for the win ahead of Rinehart, Smeal, Hemphill and Doug Tibbens. Heat wins went to Denny Curry and Dan Gill.
The pure stock feature was led to the start by Bob Helsel and Martin Hubler with Jeff Mease taking the lead at the start from his fourth place starting spot. He was still leading with Craig Bainey and Jason Peters joining the fight for first. At the line, it was Peters who took the win with Bainey second, Hubler third, Sam McClellan fourth and Helsel fifth. The heat was won by Mease.
SIDE BETS: 56 cars were in the pits including 13 late models 10 modifieds, 17 street stocks, 7 pure stocks and 9 wild cards…Coming up this week is a regular show for the late models, small block modifieds, street stocks, pure stocks and wild cards with the modifieds and wild cards running make up features first. The racing will be sponsored by Inside Track.

Late Models: 1. Jim Parson Jr., Bellwood; 2. Waylon Wagner; 3. (tie) Cody Schultz and Luke Hoffner; 5. Rick Lias; 6. John Brady; 7. Chris Knuth; 8. TJ Fleck; 9. Chris Farrell; 10. Spencer Husted.

Street Stocks: 1. Denny Curry, Clearfield; 2. Emory Rinehart, Jr.; 3. Dan Smeal; 4, Rick Hemphill; 5. Gary Little; 6. Doug Tibbens; 7. Bob Rosman; 8. Trent Ogden; 9. Pat Carfley; 10. Scott Good.

Pure Stocks: 1. Jason Peters, Clearfield; 2. Craig Bainey; 3. Martin Hubler; 4. Bob Helsel; 5. Sam McClellan; 6. Randy Jasper Jr.; 7. Jeff Mease.


CLEARFIELD, PA - Derek Rodkey of Osceola Mills earned his first career small block modified feature Friday night at Gamblers Raceway Park. Kevin Clark of Morrisdale also picked up his first win in the four cylinder wild cards.
Repeat winners included Luke Hoffner of Turbotville in the late models, Gary Little of Clearfield in the street stocks and Jason Peters of Clearfield in the pure stocks Jim Parson and John Brady led the late model feature to the start with Parson taking the lead and setting the pace. As he was leading, with Bobby Stocks in second and Cody Schultz in third Luke Hoffner was coming to the front. Hoffner started ninth and was fourth by lap 12. On the 13th lap Hoffner moved to third as Parson continued to lead.
As the race began to wind down, Hoffner continued his charge to the front, and on lap 23 he took the second spot and began to set his sights on the leader. On the 24th lap Hoffner made his move and took the lead and the win just short of finish line for another win. Parson was second, Schultz was third, Rick Lias was fourth and Brady was fifth. Heat wins went to Cody Schultz and Luke Hoffner.
The modifieds were exciting from the start with Mark Frankhouser and Jared Orwick on the front row with Frankhouser taking the lead and setting the pace, but ninth place starter Mike Stine was headed to the front and on the ninth lap he moved to second and he and Frankhouser battled wheel-to-wheel for several laps.
As the race neared the finish Stine and Frankhouser were still side-by-side in the third and fourth turns, but they went high and Derek Rodkey went under both leaders off the fourth turn and took the lead. He held off Frankhouser the rest of the way for his first career modified win. Frankhouser was second with Bob Garvey, William Blum and Kevin Dickson completing the top five. Bob Garvey and William Blum won the heats.
Doug Tibbens and Tom Williams led the street stocks to the green with Williams eventually taking the lead on the fifth lap. As he set the pace Gary Little was working towards the front. On lap eight Little was second and one lap later he was the leader and Williams had fallen to second. As Little held the lead Williams had to ward off the challenges from Levi Ardery. At the finish it was Little taking the win Williams, Ardery, Dan Smeal and Tibbens completing the top five. Heat wins went to Emory Rinehart Jr. and Levi Ardery.
Bob Helsel and Jason Peters led the pure stocks to the start with Peters taking the lead and holding off the challenges of Craig Bainey and Jeff Mease. The top three ran that way the rest of the way with the battle for first tightening up with two laps to go, but Peters was able to hold on for the win. Bainey, Mease, Martin Hubler and Helsel completed the top five. The heat was won by Jason Peters.
The four cylinder wild cards were led to the start with Jim Bloom and Shawn Fedder leading the way. Bloom took the lead as Kevin Clark, Fedder and Kirk Hess were fighting for second. On lap six Clark was able to shake free from Fedder and Hess and set his sights on Bloom. As the race came to a conclusion it was Clark getting the win ahead of Bloom, Hess, Fedder and Terry Smith. Heat wins went to Kirk Hess and Terry Smith.
SIDE BETS: 57 cars filled the pits including 11 late models, 13 modifieds, 14 street stocks, 7 pure stocks and12 wild cards…coming up this week is a regular show for the late models, street stocks, modifieds, pure stocks and wild cards and the action will be sponsored by Siegel Engraving. Race time is 7:30 p.m. For more information check out the web site at

Late Models: 1. Luke Hoffner, Turbotville; 2. Jim Parson, Jr., 3. Cody Schultz, 4. Rick Lias; 5. John Brady; 6. Chris Farrell; 7. Bill Davis; 8. Chris Knuth; 9. Butch Brian; 10. Bobby Stokes.

Small Block Modifieds: 1. Derek Rodkey, Osceola Mills; 2. Mark Frankhouser; 3. Bob Garvey; 4. William Blum; 5. Kevin Dickson; 6. Mike Stine; 7. Fay Lumadue, 8. Ron Butterworth; 9. Todd Bainey; 10. Tim Owens.

Street Stocks: 1. Gary Little, Clearfield; 2. Tom Williams; 3. Levi Ardery; 4. Dan Smeal; 5. Doug Tibbens; 6. Denny Curry; 7. Rick Hemphill; 8. Emory Rinehart, Jr.; 9. Dan Gill; 10. Scott Good.

Pure Stocks: 1. Jason Peters, Clearfield; 2. Craig Bainey; 3. Jeff Mease; 4. Jason Bainey; 5.Martin Hubler; 6. Bob Helsel
Wild Cards: 1. Kevin Clark, Morrisdale; 2. Jim Bloom; 3. Darren Lucas; 4. Kirk Hess; 5. Shawn Fedder; 6. Terry Smith; 7. Todd Ostrofsky; 8. Adam Dysard; 9. Scott Flory; 10. Mike Williams.


CLEARFIELD, PA - Luke Hoffner Turbottville picked up his fourth win in five late model races at Gamblers Raceway Park on Friday night, with Dan Smeal of Houtzdale winning his second street stock feature. Jeff Mease of Clearfield won his second pure stock feature while Mike Williams of Wallaceton won his first and second races in the four cylinder wild cards.
David Weidow of Byrnedale won his first four cylinder feature while Vern Wasson of Jersey Shore took his first small block modified feature.
Pole sitter Bob McMillen led the late model feature initially while Bobby Stokes chased him, then Luke Hoffner took the lead and held Stokes at bay, then Stokes fell by the wayside and Hoffner continued to the checkered flag. McMillen was second, Cody Schultz was third, John Brady was fourth and Stokes was fifth. Hoffner won the heat.
The small block modifieds were saw Vern Wasson take the lead at the start and set the pace. As he led, second was battled for with Bill Krause and Mike Stine fighting for the position. At the line it was Wasson taking his first win at the speedway in about 10 years. Stine was second, Krause was third, Kevin Dickson was fourth and Bob Garvey was fifth. Wasson and Garvey won the preliminaries.
In the street stocks Dan Smeal, like Wasson in the modifieds, won the feature from the pole as he took the lead at the start and led wire-to-wire. Two time winner Gary Little was all over Smeal, but Smeal wasn’t about to relinquish the position, as he took his second win of the year. Little, Levi Ardery, Denny Fenton and Chad Bender completed the top five. Smeal and Bender split the heats.
The pure stock feature was won by Jeff Mease as he held off all of Paul Kot’s attempts. Kot had to try and keep Craig Bainey in third and that’s what he did, but he couldn’t get around Mease. The top five at the checkered flag were Mease, Kot, Bainey, Jason Bainey and Martin Hubler Jr. Craig Bainey won the heat.
For David Weidow his first win of the season wasn’t real easy in the four cylinders, as he had to hold off the attempts from Lester Hudson and Nick Erskine, both previous winners. As the checkered flag waved it was Weidow taking his first win over Hudson, Erskine, Bob Ralston and Ken Erskine. Weidow also won the heat.
The wild cards had two features, one a make up from May 28. The outcome was the same for both, as Mike Williams led them from flag-to-flag for his first and second wins of the season. In the regular event the top five were Williams, Kevin Clark, Todd Fedder, Kirk Hess and Lynn Stiver. The heats were won by Jim Bloom and Kevin Clark.
SIDE BETS: 64 cars filled the pits, including 6 late models, 13 small block modifieds 16 street stocks, 10 pure stocks, 6 four cylinders and 14 front wheel drive four cylinders…two rain showers tried to cancel the show, but track management prevailed…coming up this week is Mid Season Championships along with kids Day sponsored by Reed Brothers Rentals. The speedway is also honoring Dad’s with a Fathers Day admission or $5. Gates open at five with racing starting at 7:30 p.m.

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