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Blackbird Quarter Midget Race Club is a 1/20th mile clay oval located on the grounds of Airport Speedway in New Castle, Delaware. Blackbird QMRC, a sanctioned member of Quarter Midgets of America since 1985 and resides in Region 2, provides a fast and exciting racing environment for children ages 5-16. Racing on Sunday afternoons from May thru October, BQMRC has established a friendly, family atmosphere where parking and spectators are always admitted free. Great food is always available at their concession stand and plenty of bleacher seating for everyone. Check out the all new Blackbird QMRC web-site for more information.
Ken Traino
President - Blackbird QMRC

Blackbird Quarter Midget Race Club - Race Results from 6/18/06

Jr Novice Restricted B Main
Dustin Stoltzfus, Tanner Hollis, Jacob Mueller, Michael Murphy, Jarett Vance

Jr Novice Restricted A Main
Tyler Keplinger, Ben Pagesy, Jarrett Hall, Dustin Stoltzfus, Cody Bartleson

Sr. Novice
James Pitt, Robby Dunn, Cody Jourdan, George Gareis, Justin Dunn

Jr Novice UnRestricted
Kenny VanVorst, Ryan Krachun, Wayne Scott

Jr Honda
Ryan Laise, Dylan Marano, Kyle Weiss, Dylan Pennypacker, Gary Bozowski

Sr. Honda B Main
Zoe Mattis, Jacob Walker, Gregory Seivard Jr., Megan Neher, Brady Miller

Sr Honda A Main
Chris Miller, Heather Colbert, Matt Tanner, Zoe Mattis, Tyler Tank

Hvy Honda
Randy Burns, Nicole Bower, Alex Funari

Jr. Stock
Timothy Moore, Dylan Pennypacker

Lt 160
Chris Miller, Courtney Miller, Alessa Young, Chaz Buchinsky, Alex Mayer

Hvy 160 Tommy Tanner, Randy Burns, Nicole Bower, Jacob Walker, Allison, Mueller

Hvy B
Ryan Weaver

Tommy Tanner

6/4/06 BQMRC Race Results

Jr Novice C Main
Brett Belles, Cody Bartleson, Renee Parks, Trey Jeffords, Benjamin Ford

Jr Novice B Main
Brett Belles, Tyler Keplinger, Jarrett Hall, Joshua Miller, Dustin Stoltzfus, Cody Bartleson, Renee Parks, Trey Jeffords

Jr Novice A Main
Wayne Scott, Carly Piazza, Jarrett Hall, Jake Schenk, Ben Pagesy, Tyler Keplinger, Joshua Miller, Brett Belles

Sr. Novice A Main
Sammy Piazza, George Gareis Jr., Makenzy Sharp, Justin Dunn, Robby Dunn

Jr Honda B Main
Ryan Laise, Tyler Massie, Matthew Traino, Wayne Neher, T.J. Leahan, Tyler Schwartz

Jr Honda A Main
Timothy Moore, Dylan Marano, Ryan Laise, Max Lutz, Matthew Traino, Gary Bozowski, Tyler Massie, Wayne Neher

Sr Honda A Main
Chris Miller, Alessa Young, Tyler Tank, Heather Colbert, Jacob Walker, Brandon Traino, Gregory Seivard Jr., Brady Miller, Megan Neher, Christopher Stasen

Heavy Honda A Main
Jeremy Leitmeyer, Randy Burns, Alex Funari, Nicole Bower, Dylan Reinhardt, Kelli Matherly

Jr. Stock A Main
Dylan Pennypacker, Timothy Moore

Lt. 160 A Main
Steven Belles, Alessa Young, Courtney Miller, Chris Miller, Randy Space, Brandon Traino, Brady Miller

Hvy. 160 A Main
Randy Burns, Nicole Bower, Jacob Walker, Dylan Reinhardt, Steven Adcock, Alayna Holden

Lt. B - A Main
Randy Space, Steven Belles, Alessa Young

Annual Driving Experience a huge success for Blackbird Quarter Midget Race Club

This past Sunday, 82 kids from Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland braved 40 degree weather and the threat of rain to take their turn in a Quarter Midget race car for 10 laps around the 1/20th mile clay oval known as Little Airport Speedway. Celebrating 21 years of racing and located in New Castle, DE, Blackbird QMRC ran an action packed day that was non stop from 11am until 6:30pm. Veteran drivers Tyler Tank, Randy Burns, Alessa Young and Brandon Traino started the day off with a demonstration of their abilities and gave the crowd a fantastic show. "When we opened the sign-ins at 10:30am and immediately had 40 people in line, I thought this is going to be a great day", said BQMRC President Ken Traino "30 kids were pre-registered and we expected to hit 50 to match last years numbers but the sign-ins never stopped. Our concession stand twice sold out and the 20 plus vendors that were there had an excellent day as well." Each driver received participation award at the completetion of their 10 laps and each one had a smile when they came off the track.

BQMRC's Novice Director, Tony Bozowski, ran the event and was pleased with the 80 plus kids. Blackbird signed up at least 5 drivers from the event for Novice training and are expecting more this week. The Blackbird Board wishes to thank all the members that help out all day and donated their cars for the children to use. Novice School begins this Sunday, April 2, at 9am with classroom and on track instruction and concludes 5 weeks later with evaluations and a mock race day. For more information about their Novice School, contact Tony at ( Stop by for more club information. Opening Day is Sunday, May 14th, sign-ins are from 12-1pm and racing begins at 2pm.

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